Being Yoked with Jesus


Matthew 11:29-30

29 All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Yoke in Greek is “Zugos” which means a heavy burden, a wooden bar placed over the shoulders of the animals’ necks to join them together so that they can be used to pull. In the same way Jesus wants for us to be yoked with Him because His yoke is very light since He’s the One doing all the pulling. Being yoked to man’s religion on the other hand only creates a burden that’s extremely heavy where you will have to do all of the pulling. Jesus’ yoke is light because He gives the Holy Spirit, who dwells in every believer enabling them to live a life in holiness. He will be gentle with you by carrying you when you can’t go on and He’s humble by meeting you exactly where you’re at in life. The Holy Spirit is the One who gives you the desire and empower you to do His good works according to

Philippians 2:13

For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.

1 Corinthians 3:16

Don’t you yourselves know that you are God’s sanctuary and that the Spirit of God lives in you?

The more you the read the scriptures and pray, the more your faith will grow and will be transformed into the mind of Christ. You will know His good and perfect will as you are enabled and strengthened to overcome sin in your life that disables you from being used by the Lord for His will. As you grow in the Word, God will start to change your heart so that you can love your enemies and to have compassion on those who need help by motivating you to help them in Jesus’ name. With man made religion, your heart will always be cold as ice and even though some false religion might have some good works, in reality it is doused in darkness since they do good deeds for their own recognition and vain glory. They rob that which belongs to Christ and give it to themselves. Pride has no place in heaven or in a Christian’s life because the very thing that made Satan fall was his pride; to get God’s glory and claim it for himself and eventually causing him to commit the unpardonable sin, the downright rejection of God. I think this verse sums it up perfectly for the believer in Christ.
1 John 2:5-6

5 But whoever keeps His word, truly in him the love of God is perfected. This is how we know we are in Him: 6 The one who says he remains in Him should walk just as He walked.

If you haven’t yet been yoked with Jesus (are not saved), my hope is to persuade you today to put your hope and trust in Jesus Christ because without Him, you will not be able to enter heaven (John 14:6) and end up in hell (torment) for eternity (Revelation 14:11; 20:15).

Jesus came to earth to die in your place (Romans 4:25; 5:6,8) and take the punishment that you deserve upon Himself because He loves you so much (John 3:16-17). You were born in sin (Psalms 51:5) and it doesn’t matter how many good works you do (Isaiah 64:6), it can never erase the fact that you are stained with sin since the day you were born.

Imagine a murderer asking the judge if he can be set free from his sentence by performing good works and even saving people’s lives. His good works will never take away his bad decision in killing someone. No judge in their right mind, one who doesn’t take bribes will allow such a ridiculous request. The penalty of the crime committed must be carried out. In the same way the human race is stained with hereditary sin which came from Adam, the first man created and passed down to all of us (Romans 5:12). No amount of good deeds can erase it (Ephesians 2:8-9) but Jesus’ sacrificial blood is the only detergent that can wash away your stained (sin) shirt (life) (1 John 1:7). There’s no detergent in the world that can be found like it, unless you go to Him to get it. The best part is, it’s free and your stained shirt will forever be stain-free! (John 10:28 “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish—ever! No one will snatch them out of My hand.”) Don’t delay to follow Jesus. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. To some people, this day might be their last and there’s no better time to put your life in order than today. By putting your faith in Him and asking Him to forgive all of your sins, He will wash away your sins and give you eternal life.


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