(Part 2) First Attack: My testimony about Witchcraft (Santeria)

demonic attack

Demons attacked my mother’s mind to destroy us

I know I was going to talk about the things I saw in my house but this story which happened to me and my mother is very serious. If you have a weak heart do not read further. This testimony took place when I was about 7 years of age. I was attending a private elementary school and when I came home one evening, little did I know that I was entering my first real demonic attack which by far physically speaking, was the strongest I ever witnessed. Since my family was into Santeria, it was only a matter of time before those demons would turn on them and it did on that dreadful day…on me and my mother. It was me my aunt Rosa, my mother and cousins with ages ranging from 5 to 11 who were at the house that evening. I lived in a townhouse being made up of two floors and the inside floor had carpeting. I mentioned the carpet specifically for a reason and you will see why later. The outside of the house had a metal fence with spikes on top to keep anyone from trying to climb in to our front yard. Ironically, to the left was a wooden fence that was very easy to climb so the metal gate seemed quite pointless if you think about it.
I remember my mother telling me that she wanted me to go to the neighbor’s house. Being 7, I didn’t understand why but later on knew that she was hearing voices in her head telling her “ They are coming to kill you and your son.” They kept repeating this over and over. She was having a nervous breakdown and decided to end her life and myself as well. I don’t remember if the demons themselves were the ones telling her to kill herself and me or she thought that it was better to fall in her hands instead of the others. Even though she didn’t have the Holy Spirit, by God’s grace and mercy she decided to send me to the neighbors. My aunt stopped me from going next door. She asked my mother why she wanted me gone and then all hell broke loose.
My mother grabbed alcohol or something flammable and a lighter. She proceeded to go upstairs to her room which I followed. My eyes opened wide and saw something that one only sees in the movies. I saw my mother trying to set her hair on fire to no avail since the lighter wasn’t working. I kept watching her try and try to start the lighter then to my HORROR….one measly spark ignited her whole hair and now her head was on fire. She quickly past by me going down the stairs and what I remember to this day was from the left corner of her head fire droppings landed on each step making burn marks all over the carpet. I was scared out of my mind all I was thinking was to get out of there but remember the metal gate I mentioned ( I wasn’t going anywhere). I didn’t know how to climb since I was very young but my cousins climbed the wooden fence and left me all alone. I remember in the past my mother told me that there was a God in heaven called Papa Dios. In English is Father God so with my little two hands I grabbed the metal gate looking up to heaven calling out in despair and weeping “Father God help me, Father God help me.” I kept looking back at the house imagining that the house was going to be consumed by fire and that the flames were going to reach out to me, grab me and burn me to death. God, who’s mighty and righteous full of mercy, looked down from heaven and came to my rescue. My aunt who was 4 ’11 was trying to wrestle with my mother who was 5 ‘2-3 and heavier. My aunt managed to bring my mother outside, mind you I was still screaming and weeping for God to help me, she took the water hose and turned off the fire on top of my mother’s head. 911 was called and at the hospital they took skin from her legs and crafted them to her neck area. When you would look at my mother after the incident it didn’t look like she went through anything. That was the only time that the enemy had that type of physical manifestation through my mother. The years went on and for the strangest reason, it never bothered me or gave me nightmares which I would think it would since I was little. My mother died in 2005 but before her death some of her friends who are born again Christians spoke to her about the Lord and prayed. They told me that she accepted Jesus as Lord and savior. The only way to deal with the enemy is with Jesus and that means when you are lazy to read or pray that’s when you need it the most. I hope and pray that you may see the enemy has one purpose in mind and that’s your destruction. Remember my brothers and sisters in Christ…armor up because our number has been called. A spiritual attack is not a matter of possibility but of when, therefore you must be ready.


In Part 3 I will go into more detail in witnessing demons in my house. I shared this personal testimony to show the love of Christ that even though I was small and my mom didn’t worship Him that He heard my cries for help and delivered me from my troubles.

Psalms 18:6
I called to the Lord in my distress,
and I cried to my God for help.
From His temple He heard my voice,
and my cry to Him reached His ears.