(Part 3) Visitations: My testimony about Witchcraft (Santeria)


My family practiced Santeria in my house between the front door and dining room. They would make a circle with one of my uncles in the middle. It was obvious that something was taking control of him (he was possessed). He was telling those around the circle things they had to do to get out of their bad circumstances or for other reasons. What you need to understand is that when you open up the door inviting demons into one’s house through these practices, they will never leave your home. This was the reason that as a child, seeing them in my house was almost expected.

When I was young I used to sleep next to my mother. One night I remember waking up when it was still night time. I was facing the opposite side of my mother. I was sleeping on my left side and with my right hand, I went to feel if she was still there with me. I didn’t feel her next to me so I started to turn to her side to take a look to make sure if she was there and to my shock, I saw a man sleeping next to me. Mind you, the only people in my house at the time was me, my mother and my uncle. My eyes widened to its full capacity and I looked at this person from head to toe. I was so frightened that instead of getting off the bed to the left of me, I scooted from where I was to the foot of the bed (I took the long way to get off the bed because of my fear). The thing that I saw which I now know, was a demon that looked like this; He was cross-eyed wearing a Cuban shirt called a guayabera traditionally worn as a going out shirt with church pants. He was really still and didn’t move nor look at me at all. I ran downstairs where my mother and uncle were. I told them frantically that there was someone upstairs in the room. My uncle headed upstairs and found no one and laughed at me like I made it up.

Another night, my cousins were in my house and all of us were sleeping in the same bed. I remember the door from the room was open and I could see across the hall to the next room. The room across the hall had the door open as well. All of a sudden I saw a demon coming out of the room across the hall to where I was. It looked like a knight from the medieval times. It was glowing with a bright light and was like see through. When the demon would start to come to where I was, I would put the covers over my face and when I took the covers out of my face to look at its direction, it would start all over again coming out of the room. Why he would do that I have no idea. My guess is that thing just wanted to mess with me. I thought to myself, let me see what happens if I keep looking at it and see what he will do. I did just that and to my terrifying surprise, the demon made his way to the door of my room. I kept looking with dreadful fear and he came to the foot of my bed then he turned to the right and made a left to go straight where I was sleeping. When he did this, fear was too great for me to keep watching I just covered myself quickly and did not dare to look again.

Another paranormal incident occurred when I was taking a shower and from the corner of my eye, I saw as clear as day a hand opening the curtain. I just held my breath for action I quickly slung the curtain open and threw a punch. What else could I have done without having the Holy Spirit at the time? I reacted according to my fear. The hand looked like a werewolf’s hand with long black nails and was very hairy. Believe it or not, I did know that God existed so I prayed to the best that I knew how and asked God to please let me not see this again. Guess what, it happened again but this time it wasn’t a werewolf’s hand but it was normal. This time I just took a shower with the curtain opened because I had had enough of creepy hands trying to open the curtain. I didn’t want water to get all over the place from the curtain being open so I started taking showers throwing water over myself using a cup. I did this for weeks until everything went back to normal. Shortly after this when I was 13, I met a man who shared the gospel with me and I repented and asked Jesus to be my Lord and savior. After I got saved, I stopped seeing demons in my house but I started to dream a lot like never before. They now were attacking me in my dreams. I would like to share one of them that I had back in 2012. In the dream I was in the house I grew up in (the one where my relatives practiced Santeria) and in my backyard was my family having a party or a get together. All of a sudden, one of my cousins said to me, “So and so is asking for you or looking for you.” I saw a black shadow coming towards me and I knew in my dream that it was a demon. The black shadow transformed into a man and he was bald headed with a nicely trimmed beard. He said to me, “What must I do for you to worship me?” I sarcastically said, “Did you die for me on the cross?” He looked down and shook his head with his palm to his forehead. He then said “Everyone wants to be rich. If I make you a millionaire would you then worship me?” I said no and then I awoke from dreaming. I told my wife immediately what I dreamt and she reminded me of this verse in scripture.

Matthew 4:8-11
8 Again, the Devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 And he said to Him, “I will give You all these things if You will fall down and worship me.” 10 Then Jesus told him, “Go away, Satan! For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve only Him.” 11 Then the Devil left Him, and immediately angels came and began to serve Him.

My hope is that these personal testimonies will help those who might be going through the same thing. I am living proof that God will protect you and rescue you from all troubles and attacks from the enemy. I grew up in an extreme situation delved into paranormal practices where Satan was and is still god to most of my family members. Amid all that darkness, the Lord protected and saved me so likewise, He will do the same for you. May the Lord bless all who read this and find comfort that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Joshua 1:9
Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


36 thoughts on “(Part 3) Visitations: My testimony about Witchcraft (Santeria)

  1. Hallelujah!!! Praise God for His love and faithfulness!!!
    After I was baptized and saved, I began to dream more vividly. I’d always seen shadows and other things as well. But I know that afterward they became more persistent. I can sense them still, but am able to pray them out/away.
    Bless you for sharing!!!

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  2. I lived in Miami, Florida, for a year and became aware of Santeria. For me, the saddest part was seeing people trying to have it both ways, praying to Jesus but also invoking Barbara and Lazarus. I guess people don’t change. The ancient Israelites also tried to worship both God and Baal. J.

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  3. That’s exactly right with what you just said. Just because they throw Jesus into the mix they think that it makes it alright. Satan is a master of deception, that’s why the Word of God has to be central in a persons life.

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  4. Powerful testimony, Andi! As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are not to be unaware of the reality of the spiritual realm. The Bible says we don’t war against people but against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12) Praise God, we need never fear such works of darkness! I had an encounter some years before my commitment to Jesus. I awoke and saw a demon standing near my bed. It stood there the entire night, refusing to leave. I prayed the Lord’s prayer, but the creature didn’t leave until dawn. Years later, as a Christian, I again encountered 3 demons entering my home one night as I lay in bed. At the time, I lived on a street where the owner of my building, as well as a nearby family member, were actively engaged in cursing and witchcraft. I heard a creak, then the heavy tread of footsteps on the stairs leading to my 2nd floor apartment. I was certain I had locked the door to the apartment, but looking up from my bed, I suddenly saw three very tall dark shadowy figures. I immediately thought someone had broken in. I lay very still, then I realized I wasn’t dreaming but was wide awake and I suddenly knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to command ‘spirits’ to leave in Jesus Name, which I did! When I then went and checked the door, it was locked, just as I had thought. What a great Defender our Lord is! ALLELUIA!!

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  5. thank you for your like. I see a thread forming this morning, among us. I am in the process of seeing it right now. in our respective blogs. it involves the Goodness of our Good Father. a Good Father in the house. protecting us. watching over us, keeping us, in Great Power and Authority. it involves the seeing of what that means when we have that in the house, and what it means when we don’t have that in the house. so many, so much suffering when we don’t have that. in the natural house. in the spiritual house. His GOODNESS is ever present, protecting us, keeping us. He is our Father. we have His blood. in His house this morning. God Bless you, brother, ~Sophereth

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  6. I just received a post from Hidden Manna. it was a LOVE LETTER FROM THE FATHER TO HIS CHILDREN! before 9:00, at my house, 5 witnesses already. God is speaking. by His Spirit. I believe, to all of His House, this morning. very exciting.

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  7. Reblogged this on Shofargirl and commented:
    This is part III of a wonderful testimony ….. I pray you will read all of it to inspire you to follow Jesus and to go deeper with Jesus.

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  8. That was my thought! I’ve also been thinking about my Testimony and I have tried and shared quite a bit then I panic, delete it and start over again. Just praying again to Jesus about this so overwhelming sometimes.

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  9. I think that when you second guess yourself not to put it, it might be the enemy trying to stop you from putting your testimony and glorify the Lord which he does not want that. I think it could be an attack to stop you. That’s my personal understanding. Anything you want to do for the glory of Jesus and something is trying to stop you, that only comes from one source Satan.

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  10. Amen! The name of Jesus is my strong tower! I have definitely had my experiences dealing with darkness mostly after opening doors that give the enemy access. There are some things I just dont do anymore. Specifically in the media department. My wife is Cuban and she has countless experiences with seeing demons. She was never involved in santeria but she is definitely familiar with it. Thank you for sharing this. The biggest lie the devil ever told is that he dosent exist.

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  11. I know, whenever God puts one of those persons in your path, He wants you to write down his name so that you can pray for his salvation. Everything happens for a reason. We will win all of the battles on our kneels.

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  12. this was interesting. i’m sorry about the things you had to go trough and the people around you had to go trough to find their real saviour, jesus christ. i will not talk about what i belive but i would not wish this on anyone. either way if you liek it or not this is inspiring to make a story. not to mock you or anything dont get me wrong. but i could use some details and translate them in my own words. as much as happy moments i can use the not happy moments. but if you read my second story #2 jacob! im sorry. i hope this dint effect you too much.

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  13. Well if you converted to Islam, and started reciting the Quran often, this wouldnt have happened. Also, there are muslim exorcists known as Raqi, who do Ruqya (exorcism). There are also muslim amils (spiritualits) who can help also.


  14. Jesus said, how can Satan cast out Satan. So why would I use the Qur’an or Muslim spiritualist? The only way with power to cast out demons is by the name that is above every name, the name Jesus Christ.


  15. I had a demonic encounter tonight and felt as if I should share it, ‘cause it was eerie. Funny thing is I asked God a few nights ago to open my eyes more and make me more attuned if He is willing. This is what happened.

    The Restaurant Encounter.

    Tonight my family and I went to a small Mexican restaurant near the downtown of the city, not too far from the Police Station and I believe it is located somewhere on Portland Rd., but something was off about this place. My father had eaten at this restaurant a couple times before and insisted that we go, and so we went. As soon as I stepped out of the car I knew something was up though; the sign of the whole place had a lady with her face painted to look like that of a skull and the top of her head was adorned in a wreath of red flowers looking to be like something you’d find out of some Day of the Dead festival. The inside of the restaurant itself looked to be that of cozy and welcoming but immediately as I stepped inside, I got this eerie feeling, almost like that of a chill going down my spine. The walls were dressed with paintings but what caught my attention were several round and odd looking Mexican decorations (I found out they were most likely Incan and or Aztec in nature). I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them because the notion came to me that they were cultic; now how I knew this could only be the Holy Spirit’s doing as it sensed something was wrong and every cell in my body could feel it. I sat paralyzed in my chair with my eerie feeling not letting up until my family was done and we left later that night. The rest of my family found no problem in the place, but my encounter tonight is not one I want to have ever again.

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  16. Places like that will invite unwanted guests. Anything occultic in a place opens up the door to the demonic spirits. No doubt you felt a demonic spirit. As long as you are in the Word and in prayer, the Lord will be your strength.

    Thank you for the comment.

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  17. Yeah, I’ve been really praying and reading the Word more and growing in my faith etc, and so I think that definitely took part in me feeling it.

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