I had a Dream: Jesus’ Return

jesus coming down

I would like to share a dream I had 7 ½ years ago of the return of Jesus Christ. In my dream I was in my old house where I grew up standing in the middle of the road close to my house. Then looking up into the sky. I saw Jesus coming down. He was seated on a throne and next to Him were lights that resembled orbs with a tail (reflecting the speed of the light). I knew that they were angels. One of them came to where I was to take me to the Lord. What came to me was very strange. It looked like a dark gray disc which was hovering above the ground. I proceeded to get on top of it and when I was on it, it threw some type of force field over me. It was bright and sunny that day and looking inside out of that force field was like seeing through the lens of sunglasses. I had a sense that being on the disc, I became invisible. I was so excited I couldn’t believe I was witnessing the coming of my Lord. I was looking so forward to being with Jesus and just imagining how it would be like to actually be in His presence. All of a sudden, the disc was trying to throw me off by moving to the left and right to get me off-balance so that I could fall off. I tried to stay on for dear life and was deeply confused why it was doing that. When I fell, I immediately went straight to my family’s house and started to tell them that Jesus is coming and that they should set things in order and get right with the Lord. I was trying to convince them that His return was imminent. While I was talking to them, I saw a large group of people in my neighborhood telling me, “Come on. We need to go”. The dream ended there.

I would appreciate any interpretation especially as to why it would be a disc to pick me up then decided to throw me off like it wasn’t time to be with Jesus yet.