Requiescat In Pace in Purgatory?


Do we get a second chance after death to go to heaven?

3 thoughts on “Requiescat In Pace in Purgatory?

  1. I was raised Catholic but left many years ago. Purgatory, in my opinion, is an excuse for sin. Hell is a real place and is the place where those, including Christians who have prayed what I call the magic prayer and the live like hell

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  2. I think it is quite judgmental for one to equate a genuine prayer done at a pivotal time in a person’s life as a “Magic prayer” especially if it came from a truly repentant heart. Only people who associate with Calvinism coin that term, yet ultimately, a changed life is the testimony.

    Acts 2:21 clearly states, “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

    It wouldn’t be magic if someone truly believed that. It would be faith in action.

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