Bible Review: NIrV Kids Devotional Bible Hardcover


NIrV Kids Devotional Bible, Hardcover Review:

The hardcover is sturdy and the binding is smyth sewn. It has Monday through Friday devotionals for kids and as well as weekends with over 300 devotionals. The devotionals are very simple to understand and easy for a child to comprehend the lessen. Each devotional comes with pictures that can be colored by kids should they choose to.

The fonts seems to be a 9 point, very easy on the eyes. This is not a Red letter edition since the words of Christ are in black. The NIrV is a very easy translation to read especially for kids. This Bible will last you for a very long time, its construction is built to last a kid’s occasional carelessness and mishandling (wrath lol). Dimensions are 8.75 X 5.50 X 1.75 (inches).

This NIrV Kids Devotional Bible contains:

Short weekday devotions that help young readers apply Bible lessons for a full year.
52 weekend devotions that teach kids about God’s creation through fun activities like visiting the zoo and gazing at the stars.
“Got It” feature that encourages kids to find answers to Bible trivia themselves.
Book introductions that give helpful information about each book of the Bible.
A dictionary to look up words they want to know more about.
The complete NIrV text, which uses shorter sentences and easier words. Kids can read this Bible on their own!

I’m reading it with my daughter and she’s learning the application of the text with the devotionals. She loves to see the pictures and she told me that the size of the fonts is easy for her to read. Each Book of the Bible has a quick introduction with great pictures engaging for the kids. The back of the Bible has a dictionary and a subject guide that will help you find devotionals about certain topics. It has no maps. Overall this is a wonderful Bible for children to read and learn a great deal through the devotionals and study help on their own which is found throughout the Bible.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible for an honest review from


Any thoughts?

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