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Hello Everyone,

I’m starting something new which is called Biblical Q&A Form. If you have any questions regarding passages in the Bible that you are unclear about, you can ask me and I will be delighted to study in regard to your question and give you the answer by putting it on a post. You will find the Biblical Q&A Form on the toolbar next to the word “Home” or you can click on this link: Biblical Q&A Form. I will do my best with the aid of the Holy Spirit to be clear and accurate with the answer.

11 thoughts on “Biblical Q&A Form

  1. I do have a question for you, but it’s more along the lines of a personal question rather than a Bible question.

    I truly admire your absolute dedication to sharing Jesus with anyone and everyone. Is that because of the things that were going on with you when you were younger?

    I remember reading a series of your posts about how the devil and demons had been a part of your early years growing up. They were seriously scary posts to read. I just have to say I think you take this very seriously because you have seen and experienced things that most of us never have.

    It wonderful how strong your faith is and how strongly you want to see people come to know Jesus. I’m just curious as to whether or not your past experiences have influenced that or something else?

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  2. Hi Nickel Boy. I think most people who truly had an encounter with Christ share a common thread of having a desire to share the knowledge of Christ to people, sharing the uncontainable good news of deliverance. Take the Samaritan woman for example in John 4:39-41.

    Some people share Christ out of genuine love for the truth and sad to say there are others who also use the gospel to advance their own personal agenda. We can clearly see this with the prosperity gospel preachers and professing Christians here who praise God in their post and at the same time reconcile putting a curse word in the same post. “By their fruits you will know them.”

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  3. I appreciate your question and what you said about me. Participating with a family that was into witchcraft is part of it even though I didn’t really do any rituals but was taken to them as a child. It has to do with the fact that when I first got saved I was heavily attacked by the enemy so much that one day I got mad at God and told Him that I didn’t want Him in my life anymore, to leave me alone. That started a number of dreams, so to be very short, I dreamt that I was in the middle of two lines. One was towards Jesus and the other line was towards Satan. When I tried to look at Jesus which by the way both were seated on thrones, He was too bright to look upon. When I tried to look at Satan his throne was shrouded in darkness and his form was not visible. The only thing that I saw of him was his feet and they looked like dragon’s feet. Next to Satan’s throne were stone steps that led to a silver plate. One by one people who were in the devil’s line went up those stones steps and stepped into the silver plate, immediately they started to burn. In the dream I was the only one in the middle seeing all of this and I understood that Jesus was telling me that if I would leave Him that would be my fate. Jesus brought me back to my senses and I have plenty of dreams like that but it would be to much to type. The reason I have so much love for Jesus is because He never lets me go and always brings me back to Him. His love for me melts me, words can’t describe my feelings for Jesus. I want to help Christians avoid the devil’s trap and let the Holy Spirit use me to bring people to Jesus for salvation through the good news.

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  4. I agree with you Caeli, a person who has been transformed by the Holy Spirit starts to exhibit God’s desires within them for the falling world and that is to tell them how to get eternal life.

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  5. That adds so much more to your already amazing testimony. What a wonderful Savior we have! All praise to Him!

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