Insanity Does Bite

I tried to warn believers that she was a wolf but they attacked me instead. That really happened to me.

This is a warning for all believers who are in WordPress. There is a wolf who is claiming to be a Christian but is recommending the Shack (the book) to read which is a blasphemous book but she also said these demonic statements: 

insanitybytes22 said:

“So, those of you who would be horrified, offended, outraged by the fact that God may appear to someone as a black woman, really need to re-examine that, take a hard look at what you are saying about yourself, your God, and the world around you. It’s an allegory, not a doctrinal decree.”

Isaiah 46:5

With whom will you compare me or count me equal? To whom will you liken me that we may be compared?

How can anyone compare the Holiness of God with a black woman or anything else for that matter? That is pure blasphemy and anyone who is promoting the Shack is in my personal opinion blaspheming God. This woman is a weed planted by Satan to make believers stumble and those who don’t know God yet, make them go further from the truth. Ladies and gentlemen, this woman is very dangerous spiritually speaking and should be avoided like a plague. There are a lot of Christians pressing like on her posts that’s blaspheming God and making them partake in her sins. Please, brothers and sisters, use God’s Word to detect what’s from God and what’s not. 

Pressing the “Like” bottom in my opinion is affirming whatever the post declares. Your avatar/internet persona will also appear giving other people who happen to go there and see it think that it is okay to intake since they see your “thumbs up” so to speak affirming what they are saying.

insanitybytes22 said:

“No theology, no doctrine, no book, no wagging little pharistical fingers, could ever do what Louise did. She simply put a human face on the love of Christ and showed me He was real.”

She says that the theology (the study of God), doctrine (the teachings or the message of Christ) and book (God’s Word) couldn’t have helped her has a woman named Louise did. 

insanitybytes22 has completely rejected the power of God’s Word. She claims that Louise has more power than God’s Word by saying she did more than doctrine, the teachings of Christ. What makes something more horrific than her statements is that all the Christians are agreeing with her blasphemous messages. I have never seen in all my life immaturity in the body of Christ like I have seen this week. It blows my mind. Christians are applauding garbage like those statements above. Are there any Christians who would defend the honor and glory of Jesus Christ? No one helped or stood up with me in defending God’s honor or said anything to that woman. Is the body of believers infected with political correctness or what? Why are Christians afraid to speak out against false doctrine from a false Christian?