The Pope’s Title: Vicar Of Christ, Reveals Its True Dark Meaning

The Leader of the Antichrist church and of its demonic doctrines (1 Timothy 4:1-3)

Vicarius is the Latin word for Vicar and the full title for the Pope is Vicarius Christi (Vicar of Christ). Now, what is interesting is that the equivalent meaning of the word Vicar in the Greek is Anti, Strongs# 473.

  • Vicarius (Latin Dictionary)-Substitute, deputy, one acting for another
  • Anti-(Greek Strongs# 473)-In exchange for, as a substitute for, on my behalf

The Pope literally has the title: Antichrist (Vicar of Christ), that’s what it really means. Catholicism acknowledges Jesus Christ as Savior, but in practice, they are full-blown idolatries and on top of that they add and elevate their traditions as equal to that of Scripture. By following their traditions they eliminate God’s Word, making it of no effect in their lives.

If you are a Catholic, you are in an Antichrist religion which the Roman Catholic Church will be in cahoots with, the man of lawlessness, in the end-times (Revelation 17).

Run my friends from this evil religion and go into the arms of Jesus.

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8 thoughts on “The Pope’s Title: Vicar Of Christ, Reveals Its True Dark Meaning

  1. I can definitely see where you are going with this, SpaniardVIII. I have found it curious that those who practice Catholicism have to call the Pope “Father” and not speak to God themselves as if they are “unworthy” of talking to God for themselves.
    Thanks for the insight. That is something I never even knew about.

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  2. Alex,
    I saw this last night but wanted to chew on it overnight. I certainly agree that the Roman Catholic Church has become the modern-day version of the P’rushim. But I’m having a hard time equating Vicar with Anti-. Vicar does not appear in either the Tanach or Brit Hadashah. I’m certainly not a Latin scholar, but my research indicates that it implies a lesser office.


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  3. Hello Don, thanks for your comment. My point was that Vicar’s definition means the same as Anti. Both words are described as a substitute of. Basically, the word in the New Testament Antichrist means someone who is taking upon themselves the person of Jesus Christ and are redirecting the worship due the real Jesus towards the false one. The Pope is doing the same thing. He makes people call him Holy Father but we know that there’s only one Holy Father in heaven whos Kingdom is not of this earth. That is what the Catholic Church is doing so it is proper according to their action to have the title Vicar of Christ which the equivalent in the Greek would be Antichrist.

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  4. I think your picture perfectly illustrates the very antithesis of Jesus saying “My kingdom is not of this world” in John 13:36, and look at the pope heaping worship in majestic garb as a king- and supposedly representing Christ!

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