Verse of the Day Q&A: Has Satan Ever Put A Wedge Between You And The Lord?

2 Chronicles 32:11

11 Isn’t Hezekiah misleading you to give you over to death by famine and thirst when he says, “Yahweh our God will deliver us from the power of the king of Assyria”?


Satan’s focus in dismantling your faith is by making you drift away from your dependence upon God’s protection.

  • Has the enemy ever been successful in that manner with you?
  • What steps did you take to come back to the Lord?

12 thoughts on “Verse of the Day Q&A: Has Satan Ever Put A Wedge Between You And The Lord?

  1. In response to your mentioning of the armor. I think that it is vital for ALL believers to be equipped with the full armor of God because, without it, we will be like a city without a wall, hopeless to stop any attack. Good call on the armor of God.

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  2. One of the ways that I feel that Satan has focused on dismantling my faith is by keeping me focused on other things (school, homework, blogging) and focusing less on reading God’s Word.
    One of the steps that I took to come back to God and read His Word was by scheduling what times I would be doing homework, blogging, etc.. and make sure I spend time studying in God’s Word.

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  3. Distraction was his scheme for you but through God’s wisdom a scheduled time and plan was a way to come back to the Lord. Excellent strategy Joshua…you just gave someone a great idea when they read your comment

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  4. I have seen the wedge that satan can try to put up, in the form of trying to convince that there is soo much going on that I need to fix everything right that moment. Its hard to wait and not see things get fixed right that moment. We have to remember as it says in Psalm 46:10,Be still, and know that I am God

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  5. Hey Julio, it’s nice to hear from you. I appreciate your comment. That is an excellent verse and teaches us that we must learn to wait on the Lord for guidance. I know someone will be blessed by the verse you gave.

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