God’s Purpose In Creating Us In His Image


Genesis 1:27 

27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Why did God create us in His image?

One of the reasons is so that other people can know that they belong to God and to give their lives to the One who gave them their lives.

An illustration:

Let’s say that there is a king who has great wisdom, power, and a wealth of gold. He wants to start his own currency by making his own money. The king wants people to know that when they use his currency that it came from him. The king’s currency makes people trust him and they start to rely on his kingdom’s financial strength through his wisdom in governing his affairs. The way that people will know that the gold coins belong to him, is by imprinting his own image on it. Wherever the gold coins end up, they will see his image and know who made them and to who it belongs to. 

We as human beings are the same. God put His image on us so that we can know for ourselves that we belong to Him and that other people may also realize that they to belong to God who created them. 

Every time that a person looks in the mirror or see and interact with other people, it makes them realize that they have a purpose and are unique from all other creatures created on earth. Our mind, feelings, will, comprehension, skills of every kind, and our desires, does not come from a monkey, but from being created in the image of God. 

You have been created for a purpose and with love have you been fashioned. Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. Don’t fight off His conviction. The conviction that you are feeling, whatever it may be, ask yourself, is it true what I’m being convicted of? Read God’s Word, beginning with the Book of John [in the New Testament] and He will speak to you and reveal Himself to you. 


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