False Doctrine: Doublespeak

In Matthew 4:5-6, the devil used Scripture to try to make Jesus sin against God by twisting its meaning

Folks, we must understand and acknowledge that when we see Biblical doctrine being taught and it seems to be moving away from the sound teachings as found in the New Testament, we must warn the believers of a potential landmine. I have come across MODCONSPIRACY’s blog in reference to Dee and the dialogue they had. Dee’s interpretation regarding the End Times [the Book of Revelation] is not just off, but scary off. We as believers are living in unparalleled times and really close to the return of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus wants all His children to know, at least the basics, concerning His second coming. 

Matthew 16:2-3

2 He replied, “When evening comes you say, ‘It will be good weather because the sky is red.’ 3 And in the morning, ‘Today will be stormy because the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to read the appearance of the sky, but you can’t read the signs of the times.

Jesus said in Revelation 1:3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep what is written in it, because the time is near.”

The word “blessed” has the meaning of being fortunate and happy.

The Lord will bless those who read and ask Him for the true understanding of the signs of the times that we are living in regards to the Book of Revelation.

Satan does not want you to understand the End Time events because he wants you to be unprepared and caught off guard. 

Below is Dee’s comment that needs to be shown because as a community of believers in Jesus, we have to help other Christians not step into devastating landmines.

[Dee@Sealed in Christ said]

Let me be clear: I place little to no value on traditional biblical views. Rather, I place value on what the Bible alone has to say. How a person interprets the Bible (myself included) does not make it doctrine. And I will most certainly challenge anyone that refers to tradition as doctrine.

I do not, I never have, nor will I ever quote any extra-biblical resource as a matter of Truth or Doctrine. Nor did I do this in my exchange above. My point in referencing the Didache in the exchange above, was to show by their own words what the first century believers held to in terms of the timing of the rapture – which, as it turns out, is in direct opposition to what that blogger teaches.

Let me be clear: I place little to no value on traditional biblical views.” 

A traditional Biblical view is Biblical as 2 Thessalonians 2:15 says, “So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold to the traditions you were taught, whether by what we said or what we wrote.”

In 1 Thessalonians 2:13, it defines the word traditions as being the same as the Word of God, read below

1 Thessalonians 2:13

“This is why we constantly thank God, because when you received the word of God that you heard from us, you welcomed it not as a human message, but as it truly is, the word of God, which also works effectively in you who believe.”

The traditions that Paul and the rest of the Apostles were verbally spreading before it was written down was the same message of that found in the Bible we have today. 

Indirectly she is saying that she places no value in the Word of God. Either she is confused or cunning.

Now the next thing she says is very interesting.

“Rather, I place value on what the Bible alone has to say.”…..”I do not, I never have, nor will I ever quote any extra-biblical resource as a matter of Truth or Doctrine.”

After she said that she ended with this

My point in referencing the Didache in the exchange above, was to show by their own words what the first century believers held to in terms of the timing of the rapture”

That is what you call a sly of the mouth.

Insight: Sly of the Mouth

When a person starts to say something truthful and finishes in contradicting that in which they started to say. It is done in a subtle way to capture the person for derailment. 

She is introducing to the reader in a very subtle way the Didache which is supposedly the teachings of the 12 Apostles written by an anonymous author. She also says that that is what the early church believed in [“…their own words what the first century believers held to….”]. That is how it is done, to take a person away from Scripture and into extra-unbiblical sources. 

Just because someone starts with what seems to be sound doctrine doesn’t mean they will end their teachings with sound doctrine. We must be watchful, for this is how deception works.

Insight: Deception

A true statement or teaching that is tweaked very slightly to mean something else without the reader picking up on it. 





22 thoughts on “False Doctrine: Doublespeak

  1. I don’t know her motivation but what she is teaching is unbiblical in reference to end times events. I have never heard any other believer believe what she does. I was so alarmed that I was prompted by the Holy Spirit in my heart to give a warning to everyone to take caution.

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  2. As a brother in Christ, I love my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. All I can do is be a watchman on the wall and give warning but it is up to the individual to take heed and to always measure everything that is said in WordPress, including what I write, with the Bible.

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  3. Hey brother. I have known Dee for several months here on WordPress. I started blogging on 8-10-18 and I met her shortly after that. Dee and I have had several conversations about the end times and specifically the Rapture. While I do not agree with her on the timing of the Rapture and end times events (I believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture according to 1 Thessalonians), I do not believe she is trying to intentionally deceive anyone.

    I had never heard of the pre-wrath view before she talked about it. I had also never heard of the Didache. I have had many conversations with Dee about many things and she loves Jesus and proclaims a person can only be saved by grace through faith in Jesus. On that we agree. I think what she meant by not placing value on traditional Biblical views was regarding different interpretations. She just wants to know what the Bible says, not what a bunch of different believers say it means. I think her heart of wanting to seek the truth in God’s Word is righteous. She should be careful with extra sources like the Didache though. I would not point someone to that as a basis for their belief in the Rapture.

    As you said, I strongly believe that we should only use the Bible as our source of truth. I do not accept any books that are not in the Bible (apocrypha, Enoch, book of Mormon, etc.) and I only preach using the Bible. I don’t believe Dee is a deceiver or a false preacher. I have dealt with a few of those here on WordPress. She just has a different view or understanding of end times events. As you know, many brothers and sisters in Christ agree on Jesus, but disagree about the Rapture. My take is this: Let us not get caught up in arguing about the Rapture as it is not a salvation issue. We need to be focused on sharing the Gospel in these end times, not arguing with people who are already saved. The Rapture is very important and we should encourage each other with the words about it as Paul said in 1 Thessalonians, but telling an unsaved person how their sins can be forgiven and their soul can be saved is far more crucial.

    I do appreciate you standing up for God’s Word and making the point to not use any non Biblical sources as truth. I hope my two cents helps. Believe me, if Dee was a false preacher, I would have said something a long time ago. People who have followed my blog since the beginning know that very well.

    Grace and peace to you brother!

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  4. I don’t know if you will approve my first comment regarding Dee or this comment, but I just wanted to know: Did you contact Dee and chat with her first before you did this post? If not, you should have contacted Dee first before doing a public post like this. Talk with her first if you have questions about what she is saying. I would not recommend calling someone out like this if you don’t know them and you have never chatted with them before. I have known Dee for several months. Many of us disagree about the Rapture, but we should be careful not to call another brother or sister in Christ a deceiver because of that disagreement. Dee believes Jesus is the only way to salvation. I don’t agree with her about the Rapture, but I know she loves Jesus. Grace and peace to you brother

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  5. I understand your position and thank you for your comment. The thing is Ryan, that I have a friend who seemed very solid in the faith and what the Bible said. A few years later, his interpretation was getting weird. And now, he got to the point that he just rejects inerrancy. I know that you have spoken to her and such, all I’m seeing a potential landmine and just putting it out there so the believers can see and make up their minds with the evidence provided. The timing of the rapture, to me, is not an issue with anybody but I saw that she is introducing extra-biblical sources in a subtle way. I want all believers just to be aware and equipped with the Full Armor of God. At the end of the day, we only know a person, (in WordPress) by what they say which comes from the heart. Not to get into more detail but her eschatology is really bad. I read an exchange she had with someone else on the issue and all I can say that it was bad. Ryan, I appreciate you and the time you took to let me know what was in your heart.

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  6. Thanks brother, appreciate you too! I hear you. I had a tough talk with a brother on Twitter once about him quoting Enoch as Biblical Scripture. I do encourage you to chat with Dee directly though. God bless!

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  7. The reason I didn’t contact her was that I saw her debating another Christian that the rider on the white horse of Revelation 6 is not the Antichrist. She also said that the church was going to be raptured in the 7th Seal and so on. I mean when I read it, it was just weird. If you got that wrong and she thinks that the first century Apostles were just like the Didache, where is she really getting her info? You really don’t know her, Ryan, just be careful man, that’s all that I’m saying.

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  8. Yeah, I hear you. Her and I have had our disagreements. I have told her several times that I don’t agree with her and why. Hopefully through good fellowship and reading the Word (and only the Word) we can help our brothers and sisters in Christ press on towards Jesus and His truth alone. She has been a good friend and sister in Christ even though I don’t agree with her on many things. Thanks brother.

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