Jude 1:11-Satan’s Tactic To Make You Fall Away


11 Woe to them! For they went in the way of Cain, and ran riotously in the error of Balaam for hire, and perished in Korah’s rebellion.

The Scripture reveals the characteristics of a false prophet.

  1. CainA murderer [Genesis 4:8]
    They come to your house to kill your faith in the truth about Jesus by introducing poisonous doctrine.
  2. BalaamIncited the people to be unfaithful to the Lord [Numbers 25:1-5, Numbers 31:16]
    The false teachers will try to make you worship a false god [idols or a false Jesus through extra-Biblical sources] through the lust of the flesh. The devil will send you a beautiful woman to convince you to go with her to one of her meetings.
  3. KorahAn encourager of rebellion against the Lord [Numbers 16:1-3
    A false prophet will always try to but a wedge between you and a genuine believer that God is using to direct you towards Him. His purpose [the false prophet] in doing this is to make you follow him to steer you away from the Lord.

Your faith in Christ is the target of these false teachers and its destruction is their goal by any means necessary.