(Part 9) The True Darkness Of Atheism

An atheist choosing to live for sin rather than for righteousness and becomes a fool

Mr. Bruce Gerencser in the past has blogged against my preaching about Jesus Christ. And lately has felt threatened again, so he has felt the push [through the devil] to attack me and another brother in Christ named Victor who has a blog called: Victors’ Corner.

I welcome his attacks because it shows that I’m making a dent in the kingdom of darkness. Through that poor soul, you can see the devil’s manifestation.

Bruce Gerencser the apostate turned atheist said:

“Atheists, in particular, aren’t shy about telling Victor and other zealots like him that their beliefs are rooted in fantasy; that the Jesus they love, adore, and worship, lies dead somewhere on a Judean hillside; that the only thing awaiting Christians after death is darkness, silence, and decay. Is it no wonder, then, that the Victors of the world view atheists the way they do?”

What this man said truly exemplifies what a fool is.

Insight: A Fool

Someone who is senseless without any discernment when it comes to spiritual matters and morality. One who knows or has been exposed to the truth but still rejects it. 

All he does in his blog is a rant against Jesus and His followers even though he wanted nothing to do with Jesus. Why does he continue to attack Jesus who he doesn’t believe in? Because his life is dedicated to doing the devil’s work. He is so blind that for not wanting anything to do with Jesus, Satan has manipulated this poor angry man to create a blog solely for [slandering] Jesus.

He claims to have a great and full life without Jesus, but why is he so bitter?

By devoting his life to attack Jesus shows that he is hurting really bad inside and is trying to take it out on God and those who follow Him.

Now you see what type of life an atheist lives. One of hatred, confusion, cursing, blaspheming, lying, and emptiness. They don’t “believe” in sin so they can enjoy being evil and vile. How dark your heart has to be to love sin so much that you have to convince yourself that there is no such thing as sin and yet, they acknowledge that lying and stealing is wrong. But, if they don’t get caught, for them it is okay.

Psalms 53:1

The fool says in his heart, “God does not exist.”
They are corrupt, and they do vile deeds.
There is no one who does good.”

That is what happens when you trade the Living God, Jesus Christ for the pleasures of this life, it destroys you and those around you.

2 Peter 2:21

“For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than, after knowing it, to turn back from the holy command delivered to them.”

Hebrews 10:29

“How much worse punishment do you think one will deserve who has trampled on the Son of God, regarded as profane the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and insulted the Spirit of grace?”

Pray for Bruce and his family that they may repent for rejecting Christ. Also, pray for their health and well-being. 

My friends, do not believe in the lie of atheism. There is a God who is holy and righteous. Jesus said that the only way to the Father is through Him [John 14:6]

The sun, moon, and the stars, all point to God’s existence. And God has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you very much and wants to forgive you of all your sins. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for your sins and on the third day rose from the grave, seated at the right hand of Almighty God. If you truly believe this and ask Jesus to save you, He will.

107 thoughts on “(Part 9) The True Darkness Of Atheism

  1. So, Span, since you argue against other religions, does that make them automatically true since that is what your argument states. Any Muslim can say “I welcome his attacks because it shows that I’m making a dent in the kingdom of darkness.” A Muslim or a Christian you disagree with can say this “The sun, moon, and the stars, all point to God’s existence.” and have the same evidence you do for your claim.

    I lost my faith and asked Jesus to help restore it. Surprise, nothing happened. What is your excuse for this?

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  2. I will definitely be praying for Bruce Gerencser, and those who share his views.

    Everything that you, Victor, myself, and other believers post is because we desire to see men and women saved from the grip of sin, and brought into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

    I pray that Bruce will come to realize that he is fighting against the One person who can truly give him inward peace and unconditional love. May the Lord place Bruce into a life scenario, where he can be humbled and come to realize the Saving grace of Jesus Christ. I pray this happens before it is too late for Bruce.

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  3. My question to you is, why did you give up so quickly? You know something, clubschadenfreude, you are important and you still matter greatly to Jesus. He has never left, but you left Him. He still cares for you and is waiting for you. The Bible says that those who seek Him shall be found by Him, but you cannot give up so soon. If you can give me your name, I will add you to my prayer list and pray for you everyday that He may give you faith in Him. My is name Alex, nice to meet you.


  4. “so quickly”. Nice assumption on your part and quite an attempt at an excuse. It wasn’t quickly at all, It was over years. So, your excuse fails. It also fails because your bible promises quick responses to prayers. It says to “knock and the door shall be opened” not that “knock and a year or two later, the door might be opened”. it says that the mountain will move into the sea when asked, not erode into it several million years later. Thomas got his evidence immediately.

    Since Jesus Christ has no evidence for its existence, it doesn’t care for anyone. And per your bible, your god intentionally prevents people from accepting this god at all, so your promises aren’t supported by your bible. I’ve read the whole thing so I know when a Christian is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

    As for your prayers, go ahead. I’ve had hundreds of Christians claim to be praying for me to agree with them. Hasn’t happened yet and this is over decades. So what will your excuse be, Span? Why won’t your god answer your prayers? Is it that he doesn’t like them and finds you not a Christian at all? Does he love an honest atheist? Or is it that this god doesn’t exist?

    My name is Andrea. If your omnipotent and omniscient god can’t figure out who I am, you have other problems.


  5. Alex, nice try to play pretend about my supposed “attitude”. But that’s needed isn’t it, to keep your claims about atheists consistent? You can’t have an atheist who is chuckling at you, We have to be “angry” for your nonsense to work.


  6. Wow, your attitude really speaks volume. Your hurt is really deep. If you weren’t hurting, you would have gone on with your life without being bothered by other Christians, but the reality is that you want Jesus to answer your prayer. How will He if you are so faithless.


  7. Alex, if your god answers your prayers, why haven’t you prayed for all children with cancer to be cured? Why doesn’t this god help soldiers avoid IEDs but has time to fix an accounting error?


  8. And one more lie you’ve chosen to tell, Alex. Nope, not hurt at all. Why did you choose to bear false witness against me, Alex?

    Unfortunately, you need to believe I’ve been hurt by something. Indeed, it seems that you hope I was so that I’m punished for daring disagree with you. I speak out against Christianity because it isn’t true and it does cause harm, happily not against me directly.

    It’d be great if Jesus did answer anyone’s prayers. It doesn’t. And Alex, how will Allah answer your prayers if you are so faithless? 🙂


  9. That is not how it works. We live in a fallen world and God will make a new one, but first we need to be cleansed of our sins to be with Him. In this life we will have to go through hardships and tribulations. My prayer for people, first of all is for their salvation and if God wants do to a miracle and heal their body, awesome if not, they will get a glorified body in heaven. Jesus never promised that everyone will be healed on this side of the world but He did promise us eternal life and a new body without sin. This world is not for us but the one to come.

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  10. If you are not hurting, why are you here? Why rant so much against Christians and Jesus? Why are you here? Go live your happy life and leave the miserable Christians alone. Why can’t you do that? If you are not hurting, be happy and not bitter. You see, Jesus is the only one that can fulfill the void in our hearts. You swear by atheism, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still here, fighting against Jesus.


  11. I never spoke about you, and here you are. Bruce was the one who started to attack my preaching before I ever heard of him so I responded so people can see both sides, plus as a Christian, my duty is to tell people the good news about Jesus Christ and warn them of any potential danger.


  12. So, we have your claim that you pray and you get your prayer answered, but strangely enough when I ask you to pray for something that would help others that couldn’t be faked, you suddenly say that prayers aren’t answered “like that” right after you just claimed yours were.

    Funny how you have tried to claim that your “hardship and tribulation” was taken away because of your prayer but shucks, your god can’t do that for other people now. You have to now claim that it’s ever so more important to pray for their “salvation” when you yourself prayed for financial help. It’s easy to pray for things that no one can see, isn’t it? And then when your prayer fails, you’ll just have another excuse.

    How pathetic, Alex. Jesus and its supposed believes claimed repeatedly that people would be healed physically for the asking. Just the prayers of elders and oil is needed or if we are to beleiver Jesus, just being a baptized believer in him as savior is needed.

    Thanks, Alex, for showing that Christians make up excuses and ignore their bible when it isn’t convenient.


  13. I’m here to show that you are lying. And no, Alex, I am not going to sit down and shut up like you want me to do. I will point out your hypocrisy. I’m very happy in standing up to people like you. It’s a good thing to point out that claims of miracles are false because people can get hurt believing in them.

    Jesus doesn’t exist. I don’t need it or your false promises.


  14. Alex, you try to tell people about your version of your religion, no more than that. And since you have no evidence of any “danger”, all you are doing is looking for external validation.


  15. “So, we have your claim that you pray and you get your prayer answered, but strangely enough when I ask you to pray for something that would help others that couldn’t be faked, you suddenly say that prayers aren’t answered “like that” right after you just claimed yours were.”

    I pray for people who are sick to be healed if it is God’s will. But the most important thing for us here on earth is to have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Even if a person gets healed but is not saved, what is his benefit if he dies lost? Elisha the prophet died from a foot disease and God didn’t heal him. People are already set to die a certain why but our true life is with Him in eternity. You want this life not knowing that there is a better one with Jesus.


  16. Andrea, you said your faith decreased over time. Would you feel comfortable sharing with Alex and I what started you down this road?

    Was it a prayer, that you feel went unanswered? Did someone who professed to be a Christian harm you in some way, in the past?

    We understand if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this personal info with us, but it may help to get it off your chest; And help us to know what to pray about for you.

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  17. Andrea, you just proved to me that you are so hurt by Jesus that the one who you claimed to follow a long time ago, you are now attacking. You call that a stab in the back. It’s like having a really good friend, one day you guys fall out of the friendship for whatever reason, then instead of pursuing him because of your love for him, you give up after some years. You turn against your friend with pure hatred. You don’t stop there, you go after his other friends that he has acquired. You won’t be happy unless you are maligning your friend and his new friends because your hurt is too deep to bear. You can fool your atheist friends but no Christian will be. We see through you.


  18. Andrea, go read my testimonies. You have no idea what you are saying and what Jesus did for me, I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Jesus. I invite you to read all of my testimonies.


  19. No, Alex, I haven’t. You’ve decided that I must have been hurt to stay with your invented narrative.

    Again, Alex, how long do I have to wait since your bible says that this god will answer quickly and positively? That Christians disagree with you, alex, your attempt to speak for all of them doesn’t ring true.


  20. I’ve read your testimonies, and again, we have a Christian who decides he get miracles and his god’s will is all about him, but screw everyone else who doesn’t get a miracle, it just must be God’s Will that they aren’t as special as Alex. Nothing surprising there.


  21. I did not make it up, it came from your own mouth. You said that Jesus didn’t answer your prayers. The result was to reject Him. Now, you make it your mission to topple people’s faith in Jesus. If that is not a hurting person then we need to rethink how a person’s hurt reacts to pain. We know that most people lash out when they feel that a friend did them wrong. Pain is written all over your face. The good news is that it is not toomend late for you to mend your relationship with Christ.


  22. What started me down this road? I have no problem telling you at all. Whether you’ll believe me is another issue. You both seem very intent on keeping your image of a strawman atheist going.

    I read the entire bible when I still believed and realized that it was no different than other myths and its god was just as nasty as any other bronze/iron age god. Then I thought, well, maybe there is a god but it isn’t constrained by the bible and its authors’ ignorance. Still nothing. i looked into other religions and found that they made the same claims as Christianity and had the same evidence for them: none. I came to the conclusion that there are no gods, especially as humans describe them.

    Again, guys, no hurt here, though you certainly seem to need to imagine that. Even if you pray for it, that’s not going to change no matter how much you wish I would fit your strawman.

    So, what are you going to pray about regarding me? I need to know so I can see if it happens and report back to you. And if it just depends on this god’s will what will happen, exactly what purpose do your prayers serve? The bible says that prayers will be answered with what is asked for (a father would not give a child a snake if asked for a fish) and will be answered quickly, the door is opened, the mountain moves when asked, etc.


  23. Oh my, Alex. This god, supposedly looking for every lost sheep, has taken hmmm, over thirty years to answer me. And then you claim that your prayer was answered in a day.

    I make it my mission to tell people to know what they claim to believe in and to read the bible and not to listen to false promises of Christians like you, Alex.

    And still lying about me being “hurt”. Nope, not at all. Since I don’t believe in your god or your JEsus, there’s nothing to “lash out” against. You seem to be stuck with insisting that I must really agree with you when I don’t. And funny how you make claims about a face you can’t see.


  24. I never said that I’m the only one who gets miracles. I’m just sharing what the Lord has done for me. There are countless of others who have gotten miracles, just go to YouTube. God doesn’t have to cater to anyone but He wants people to come to Him with faith. If you Andrea, are faithless, God will not answer your prayers on that basis because it shows a lack of humility.


  25. Yep, you claim your god takes careof you and then you offer excuses why it doesn’t take care of people who need a hell of a lot more help than you. We have videos of plenty of people who claim healing and surprise, no evidence for it at all.

    You blame the victim, how Christian.


  26. When a person doesn’t have pain, you will see them in good spirit. Smiling, laughing, speaking well of others and just having a shine to them. Does that represent you, Andrea? Are you so happy being an atheist that you shine like the noonday. Does your sunshine light up the Christians blog that you frequent to? Or, does it show a dark cloud of bitterness? The only one that you are hurting is yourself, not us. I find joy in telling people about Jesus and warning them of any deception. It is like telling a person who is lost and driving the wrong way that the right way is this road here. I feel good helping people. Do you feel good attacking Jesus, Andrea?


  27. My God, takes care of me, Marques, Victor, and all of His true children. Just know Andrea, that we Christians do care for you and want the best for you and your family. Jesus is the answer, He is the truth. I will go and have my coffee now. I will talk to you later. I really enjoyed our discussion and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. I got to know you a little better. I will reread what you said to Marques. I think what you said is very important and I would like to respond to it. I hope you have a wonderful day Andrea.


  28. I don’t speak well of people who try to lie to me or about me. I suspect you don’t either. And why would I need to “light up” the blogs of people who lie to me and about me?

    Yep, I’m happy. You seem to be terrified of that being the case, that an atheist doesn’t need you or your version of your religion. Of course you’ll try to deny what I say. Oh well.

    As for hurting myself, nope, not at all. I’m quite happy to tell people what the bible says and to point out that christianity does not equal good. It helps end thousands of years of nonsense, where people sacrificed their children on the altars of their beliefs, where people thought they had to murder other people because they believed differently or loved differently, etc.

    You have yet to show that there is any deception that you need to warn anyone about. What you are doing is claiming a danger, to get people to agree with you. The danger doesn’t exist. If you want to show evidence that you know about some danger and that your version of Christianity is the only one to counter it, please do so.


  29. There is nothing to show that your god does anything, Alex. Christians aren’t any happier, any safer, etc than anyone else. The promises of the lilies of the field and the birds in the air fail. The fact that Christians claim that other Christians aren’t Christians shows that you all want to pretend that your god takes care of you alone and if anything good happens to anyone else, you invent excuses.

    There is little reason to think that people who try to lie about me and other atheists want the best for me or anyone else. That just shows that you don’t care about your religion any more than I do.

    I’m still waiting for your answers about your prayer.


  30. Andrea, you have read the Bible, and you say you believed in God. My question is have you ever felt convicted about sins you’ve committed, and compelled to ask Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior?
    You question God’s character, and you speak of not having your prayers answered immediately.
    You are not a person who easily gives others her trust, are you? Sticking to and trusting in your human intellect keeps you safe from getting hurt by others? Am I making the right assumption?
    There’s nothing wrong with having questions, but rather than casting God aside, I would encourage you to do a self-evaluation of your life. Are there past hurts that still have power over you? Are there things that you are doing in your life, that you know won’t serve to give you a bright future?
    I truly do believe you are a smart, intelligent person, and so I challenge you to do this self-evaluation, pray to God and ask Him to truly make Himself known to you. I then encourage you to read the following: Gospel of John, Romans, Gospel of Matthew, then the Book of Acts. This should give you a strong foundation of the true Christian faith.

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  31. “Yep, I’m happy. You seem to be terrified of that being the case, that an atheist doesn’t need you or your version of your religion. Of course you’ll try to deny what I say. Oh well.”

    On the contrary, I would like to see you have true happiness in Jesus Christ. You are loved by Jesus and by the believers who are telling you the truth. Before I was saved, my family was into witchcraft (Santeria) and I used to see demons walking in my house and witnessed possessions. Not only do I know for certain that God exist. I also have seen the fallen angels which the Bible speaks about. Atheists cannot understand this because they haven’t experienced anything like it but I have and countless of others. Myself and Marques want the best for you and we are convinced and know that Jesus is the best thing you can ever have. I hope that one day you will realize this truth and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection.

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  32. You say that I’m lying to you, but you cannot see past your front door that you are so bitter and are ranting against a God who you claim does not exist. That my friend does not make any sense and does not show your happiness. I don’t have to be a psychologist to know when a person is going through internal turmoil. At the end of the day, I’m here to listen to you if you want to share what is in your heart as well as Marques. We will be here for you if you need us. 🙂

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  33. You need to pretend that I’m “bitter, Alex. You have yet to show that i’m supposedly bitter or any of the other nonsense you’ve invented. Again, no need for your god to exist to point out it is a failure as a fictional character, and to point out that your version of Christianity is no more believable than the next.

    Keep on trying to tell lies about me and other atheists, Alex. I’ll be here to show that you are wrong. No “inner turmoil” no matter how hard you hope there is to make yourself feel better.

    It’s always great to see you still trying to claim that you know me better than me.

    Now, since you are praying for me, again, Alex, when can I expect results?


  34. Well, Marques, yes to both of your questions. So,now what?

    I certainly do question your version of this god’s character. I also have pointed out that you are ignoring what your bible says about how quickly prayers will be answered. You are contradicting it, Marques, so who am I to believe?

    I give trust easily, so again you are wrong. What I don’t do is blindly believe anything anyone tells me. So your assumption is wrong again.

    Yep, per your own bible, there is no problem at all with having questions, and this god gives the answers, if you believe in your bible. You keep trying to claim that this god doesn’t give answers. Again, you contradict your bible, so why should I believe you if you claim that you believe in the bible?

    Again, still trying to fish for “hurts”. Sorry, but you are still trying to lie to yourself about me. You are so desperate to try to convince me I won’t have a bright future, a common tactic of a Christian trying to make me scared enough to agree with you. How pitiful.

    I’ve prayed like you said. still nothing, Marques. Your instructions failed, so now what? Will you falsely claim that I didnt’ do something “right”?

    You know that I’ve read the bible so what do you think rereading parts of it will do?

    As for the “true Christian faith”, that’s something each Christian claims to have, and none of you can do what Christians are promised to do in the bible. Can you explain why that is, Marques?


  35. Alex, you can’t even show that you are a Christian. Why do you think I would be happier in something you can’t even show exists?
    Repeating the same baseless comments won’t make them true. Each Christian claims to be telling the truth, and unsurprisingly, you can’t even get other Christians to agree with you.
    There is no reason to believe you saw demons or saw possessions. Every theist claims that they know for certain their god exists, but then they claim that others ones don’t, claims made just like their own, no evidence presented.
    There is also no reason to believe you’ve seen fallen angels, especially when Christians try to claim that they are locked up in hell. You really need to get your stories straight.
    Atheists haven’t experienced such things because we don’t need to try to impress anyone by making claims about being able to see magical beings and be so important that those beings would bother us.
    Yep, you are both convinced, and you both have no evidence to support your claims about your religion or your lies about atheists. I’m no more impressed by your claims than you are of any other religion’s, all baseless like your own.
    You and others claim to be praying for me. What are you praying for? You say you “hope” now, but it seems that is backing off your claims of prayer and direct intervention by your god.


  36. Andrea, you said that you did feel convicted about your sins, and compelled to receive Christ as your Savior. Did you actually act on this and ask Jesus to save you?

    If so, what event in your life, or what specific unanswered prayer was it that shook your faith?

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  37. Yes, Marques, I did. It’s a shame that you keep trying so desperately to accuse me of not doing things to find an excuse for you and your god.

    You’ve asked these questions before, Marques. “Was it a prayer, that you feel went unanswered? Did someone who professed to be a Christian harm you in some way, in the past?” I answered here: https://spiritualminefield.wordpress.com/2019/07/29/part-9-the-true-darkness-of-atheism/comment-page-1/#comment-4588

    Why are you doing this?


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