Jude 1:23-Saving People From Hell


23 and some save, snatching them out of the fire with fear, hating even the clothing stained by the flesh. 

“save others by snatching them out of the fire” The words “snatching them out” gives the image that they are in it already. That is the urgency of those who don’t have Christ Jesus, for they are headed to a place of torment with flames.

The word “fear” warns us to be cautious that when we are confronting a person to evangelize, to make sure that we are the one influencing him to Christ and not the other way around [influencing us to their lifestyle] or else we can fall into the same trap he has fallen into. 

The word “hating” is not directed to the person but to how he is living. The life that one chooses will reveal if they have accepted Jesus as their Lord or have chosen Satan as their god through money, sexual immorality, and all kinds of the lust of the flesh.

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Jude 1:22-Have Mercy On Those Who Are Backsliding


22 On some have compassion, making a distinction

The Greek words for the second half of the verse are very difficult to know which one it is and the word order. Some translations have it as…

  1. NASB “And have mercy on some, who are doubting”
  2. KJV “And of some have compassion, making a difference”
  3. NKJV “And on some have compassion, making a distinction”
  4. NIV “Be merciful to those who doubt”

Most Bible translations have it like the NASB and NIV.

The Greek word for distinction, doubt, and difference is diakrinó (dee-ak-ree’-no). Below is the different meaning for the word diakrinó.

1) to separate, make a distinction, discriminate, to prefer 2) to learn by discrimination, to try, decide 2a) to determine, give judgment, decide a dispute 3) to withdraw from one, desert 4) to separate one’s self in a hostile spirit, to oppose, strive with dispute, contend 5) to be at variance with one’s self, hesitate, doubt. Strong’s Greek# 1252

Whichever rendering the translators choose with this difficult verse, the meaning of the message stays the same.

The passage in context gives the meaning that as believers we should make the distinction of those who are doubting who show a possibility of coming back to the Lord from those who might be too late. We must use discernment and be led by the Spirit of God when we are in that situation.