Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, And The Life

4 thoughts on “Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, And The Life

  1. Hi, Alex. I’m not sure if you are still viewing Kenzel’s posts, but I feel that we must pray extra hard for her. in her most recent posts she is revealing details about past hurts that she encountered during her younger years. Her comments section is still closed, so I can’t respond and minister to her.
    My prayer is that God would heal her of past hurts, and she wil be led to sound Biblical doctrine.

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  2. These are her most recent two posts, and she addresses the two of us in them. I pray that she is being convicted by the Holy Spirit, and this can be the start of Kenzel being led to sound doctrine. I do believe she would benefit from finding a good church home through, where she can get some Godly Christian counselling because of some of things she eludes to from her past.
    Spiritual Abuse: When Praise & Worship Are Inhibited (Updated)
    (I Liked this one to let her know I’d read it, and in hopes that she’d open up her Comments, so that I could minister to her, but she hasn’t thus far.)
    SA: Continued – Dysfunctional Dynamics

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  3. Okay, thanks Marques. She is being hit hard. Whatever truth she new has now been replaced with demonic doctrine. The worst part is that she is posting it as the truth and deceiving others. Very dangerous. I hope that God open’s up a door for you to reach her. I need to keep her in my prayers.

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