How A Believer Is Used By The LORD


[Philippians 2:13] 13 For it is God who is working in you both to will and to work according to his good purpose.

I will use an illustration of [wood, nail, hammer, glove, and hand] to show how God uses you if you belong to Him.

  • [Wood] It represents the human heart
  • [Nail] It represents the Word of God
  • [Hammer] It represents the conviction of the Holy Spirit
  • [Glove] It represents the believer
  • [Hand] It represents God

God [the hand] uses the believer [puts on the glove], to share the gospel, the message of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. The person gets convicted by the Word of God [the nail gets hammered into the wood]. God uses His Word to penetrate the person’s heart. The LORD gives him enough understanding of the gospel to convict him of his sins and a need of a Savior, found only in Jesus Christ.

The illustration above shows a construction taking place [the ministry of the Holy Spirit] to build a house of worship [bring people to faith in Jesus Christ], bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Any thoughts?

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