What’s The Difference Between Human Sacrifice And Jesus’ Sacrifice?

[RaPar asked] “And this differs from human sacrifice how?”

His question is about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to that of the occult when they would sacrifice a human on their alter.

[SpaniardVIII] A human sacrifice compared to Jesus’ are two different things.

A Human Sacrifice

A human being was placed in an alter and was cut open wherever the person doing the cutting decided to start the cut. Took out the heart, organs, and put them in a bowl. Not all human sacrifices are the same but most do that to offer it to Satan.

Jesus’ Sacrifice

Jesus was sacrificed under a Roman death sentence for those who fell under their capital punishment. Jesus was not the only one hanging on the cross. It was for those who committed crimes, but Jesus was innocent.

Jesus was handed over to the Romans by the Jewish leaders to be put to death because He claimed deity, God in human flesh. So, human sacrifice and Jesus’ are completely different.

The word sacrifice, regarding Jesus, tells us that He took our punishment upon Himself.