Disobedience To God Can Bring consequences, Not Only To Us But To Others As Well.

12 “Pick me up,” he answered, “and cast me into the sea, so it may quiet down for you. For I know that I am to blame for this violent storm that has come upon you.”

-Jonah 1:12

The prophet Jonah was running away from the mission that God gave him to do. He didn’t want to do God’s will because he didn’t want the enemy of Israel, the Assyrians, to obtain mercy from the LORD. Through disobedience, Jonah put the sailor’s lives in jeopardy. A storm arose on the sea and threatened to sink the ship that Jonah was traveling on.

We can do the same today. If the Holy Spirit reveals God’s will for you and you refuse to do it, you will endanger your family or friends by your stubbornness. God will bring a storm in your life, creating a difficult situation, which will eventually convince you to obey the Living God.

All Scriptures are taken from the Berean Study Bible version (BSB). Permission has been acquired.