Why Is Atheism So Dangerous?

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

-2 Corinthians 4:4, BSB

Why is the belief of atheism so dangerous for the atheist? The reason it is so dangerous is that Satan blinds them and convinces them that God is not real, which keeps the person from pursuing spiritual truth, like the afterlife and the Creator of the universe. That type of persuasion keeps them in the dark.

When a person doesn’t believe that something is real, they won’t try to investigate it to see if it is true. If they presume to seek the Bible for evidence, they go about it with complete doubt making it useless and a waste of their time.

The devil persuades these people from even thinking about searching for God through the Bible by luring them away through worldly lust of all kinds. The devil tells them, “if you become a Christian, you cannot enjoy your sinful desires that you live for and must give them up.” He will keep them from the truth, which will send them to hell because they won’t seek redemption from their state by asking Jesus Christ for salvation.

Imagine that you are in a big boat and you come across a man whose boat capsized and now is in the water, which is teeming with sharks. You offer to save the man. He gives you a weird look and says to you, “save me from what?” You reply, “Huh…don’t you know that you are in danger?” The man then replies, “I don’t need any saving.” Then you say, “Are you serious?” “If you don’t get into my boat, you will be eaten by sharks.” To your amazement, the man replies, “Sharks don’t exist and you are deluded that I’m in such trouble. Leave me alone and go tell this fairy tale to someone else. I’m fine where I am at.”

Friend, don’t be like this atheist. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for you. He died on the cross and rose from the grave on the third day. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, and He will forgive you and give you eternal life.


25 thoughts on “Why Is Atheism So Dangerous?

  1. On average, four people in the world are killed each year by sharks.
    Mosquitos are the #1 on account of diseases – taking 1,000,000 each year.
    The water is safer.


  2. As usual, Span shows that he is terrified of atheists. Our mere existence shows him that he is nothing special, and his version of Christianity is just like the other thousands of versions out there.
    Poor Span, no satan either. No demons or devils, just sad humans who need to lie about others.
    Unsurprisingly, humans have been looking for this god for quite a long time and have found nothing to show that it exists. Just like every other theist, Span tries to claim his god is the only real one, but he has no more evidence than the rest.
    Since Christians can’t agree on what sin is, we only have Span declaring that what Span doesn’t like is sin. No god involved. And, alas for Span, sharks do exist. We have evidence.
    We don’t have evidence for Span’s god. So his analogy fails again. All we have are scared little men like Span who try to pretend to be a hero when all he desperately wants is external validation for his delusions.

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  3. Your constant taunting is proof that the Scripture is true. Jesus said that if they persecuted Me they will persecute you. Plus, you prove my post so perfectly because you just showed my analogy was spot on. Thank you for your comment, it validates my point.


  4. First of all, the shark story was an analogy of a spiritual reality. Second, I don’t think you would have the guts to throw yourself in shark-infested waters, let alone refuse help if you were in the water.


  5. I just discovered the might of the ocean for myself for the first time. I waded too far into the crashing waves and lost touch with the ocean floor. The water kept on pounding me and stinging my eyes with salt. I kept on choking and was afraid. I was overwhelmed and didn’t have the strength to fight much longer. I knew then my lack of training had put me in mortal danger – and any who came to my aid were at risk because I could only panic and might drown them with me. Wisdom prevailed and I swam with all my might to reach safety. Having the guts to do something can you into messes you can’t walk away from. Not being trained can kill you and the person you think you are saving but might actually be better off if you leave them alone.


  6. “Not being trained can kill you and the person you think you are saving but might actually be better off if you leave them alone.”

    Your statement is one of the most alarming things I have ever heard. By leaving someone to die, because you are afraid, knowing that you are the only one available that can help is the most sinful and unloving action a person can ever make. This type of mindset reflects the rejection of sacrificial love, which leaves nothing to cling to, but the survival of the fittest.

    Jesus paid for your sins on the cross because He, thankfully, didn’t have that type of mindset, or else, everyone would not have had a chance of redemption, having our sins forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ. That is why the name Jesus means Savior.


  7. Let’s play the scenario out.

    The man in the water has already radioed help on the way. He studies sharks and knows he’s not really in any danger.

    Me, an inexperienced swimmer happens along – I jump into the water and thrash wildly. He yells at me to stop. I ignore his warnings.

    My metal anklet reflects light, a shark mistakes it for the scales of a fish and my thrashing makes it think that I’m a fish. He bites into my flesh and my blood spills into the water – attracting sharks into the feeding frenzy. We are two of the people who die to shark attacks that year because I got us killed trying to save someone who didn’t need saved.


  8. We can go back and forth with my analogy, which yours went way off of mines. Your coming to my post is not coincidental. Jesus is speaking to you today with my analogy. You need saving from your sins, and Jesus wants to forgive you.

    All you need to do is believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and on the third day, He rose from the grave, seated at the right hand of God the Father. If you pray and ask Jesus to save you, He will and give you eternal life.

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  9. Do you understand that I was using sharks [dangerous animals] as an analogy of a spiritual truth?

    Without Jesus Christ, you will die in your sins lost and end up in the Lake of Fire that will never go out. Jesus paid for your sins on the cross, and if you accept His free gift, He will give you eternal life. Ask Jesus to forgive you for all your sins while you still have today. Remember, you are not guaranteed tomorrow.


  10. Analogies only work if they are good, coherent, correct – you cannot expect to be taken seriously and get a pat on the back for a flawed concept. You haven’t sold me on God based on your misinformation.

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  11. My job here wasn’t for a pat on the back or to sound like a shark specialist. I gave a clear and basic analogy so that anyone can easily understand. I am not here to convince you about the truth found in the person of Jesus Christ. That job belongs to the Holy Spirit. I am here to tell you the gospel of grace and mercy through faith in Jesus Christ. You have a choice, to give your life to Jesus Christ or to reject Him.

    Only you, not anyone else, will have to pay the consequences for the decision you make concerning Jesus. You don’t have to like my analogy. I’m okay with that. At least it got you to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, that to me was a win and hopefully one day for you too. May the Lord open up your eyes to the Word of God so that you can get saved.

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  12. span, the idea that scripture is true because people will know that it is nonsense and mock it doesn’t help your cause much. anyone could have predicted that.

    of course span can’t show how I showed his analogy true or show his post is in any way true. please do so, span. show how your god is as real as a shark.


  13. The thing is that you are that man in the water. You won’t believe in the truth because Satan has blinded your eyes already. Unless you repent you will not be saved.

    “The god [Satan] of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” -2 Corinthians 4:4, BSB


  14. I appreciate your comment, sooner8728. That is very good verse you mentioned and reminds us, the importance of being alert always because the devil is very tactical.


  15. This verse came to light to me this year. Somehow, I’ve had this caricature of what evil looks like, that it can never show up looking like it is advocating for something good.

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  16. Satan comes to us looking like a Christian and even speaks like one to have access or else no genuine believer would allow entryway. That’s why Satan comes disguised. But, that man is so evil and full of darkness that his hatred for us is unmatched.


  17. The enemy plants his people next to God’s children. Even on WordPress, there are many blogs with a Christian label, but what comes out is God’s Word being attached to bring doubt to others.

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  18. Airmi, Spaniard VIII has been my friend and Christian brother for over 30yrs. He came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ thru my family’s church Pastor and youth pastor. He has even exceeded me in the understanding of scripture and faithfulness to our Lord and Savior. His analogy of a shark should be the least of interest to you while you miss the point! Many people such as your self hold us Christian’s as weak for proclaiming our faith and tender heartness. When you look at creation from the sun moon and the stars, the earth and all of it’s inhabitants from the land air and sea do you not see the harmony and order in all creation? The bible says that only a fool says in his heart that God does not exist! Be careful to not make that mistake! My friend the Spaniard VIII is only giving you an introduction of what a Mighty Powerful and loving God has done for him in his life so that you to can experience the same love and confidence that we all have in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! So please, enough with the insults because as you should know that the bible says that men proclaim to be wise in there own eyes and God also laughs a them in duration because he sees there end. The time is short so count your blessings and acknowledge Him. Be saved while you can still find the Lord!

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  19. Thank you, my brother. Your words are more than I deserve. Your words have a lot of wisdom and those who read them will benefit. May the Lord bless you and keep you strong in the faith.


  20. “Many people such as your self hold us Christian’s as weak for proclaiming our faith and tender heartedness.”

    You can’t really know what I think or feel about anything without asking me. You should never assume all people among non-believers feel the same way or all think the same. You can’t know my mind based on your belief of what other people think.

    “When you look at creation …” I don’t know that this is a creation. When I see a flower, I know it once came from a seed, and that seed came from another flower before it. I simply cannot see a flower appear in an empty jar as if out of nowhere. All animals were born of their predecessors before them. I simply cannot see a new animal appear into an empty cage. We were born of our parents, and theirs before them. Back and back and back into the mists of time. There is about as much harmony as the videos I have seen of meat-eaters enjoying their dinner while its still alive. As much order as diseases and cancers as they wrack our bodies. I’m not sure we are a creation.

    Think about the implication of saying “Satan is like a shark …” And learning sharks only kill four people a year. “He kills so few people that swimming is probably safe.” The analogy now means the opposite from what was intended.


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