NASB 2020 Bible Review

This Bible translation is a great tool for deep study, especially with the 95,000 cross-references that it provides on this Bible. It is very accurate, and with the update, it is very readable. To me, it surpassed the NASB 95, ESV, NKJV, and the MEV Bibles for readability. This translation got me excited to read more than what I already have. It is still not as readable as the HCSB, but it is closer than the other translations as I mentioned above.

23 thoughts on “NASB 2020 Bible Review

  1. I love the NASB, the language is more readable than other versions. As I understand it is also one of the most accurate translations too. I recently upgraded my everyday reading Bible to the new Super Giant Print NASB which works perfectly for my eyesight. I still use my large Thompson Chain Reference NASB study Bible for indepth work.

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  2. The 95 NASB was too wooden for me, but this new update of the NASB 2020 is superb. So far I am loving it. It is so easy to read, and knowing of its accuracy, makes it more desirable to read and learn from it. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is an excellent study tool to dig deeper into topical references on any specific words.

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  3. SpaniardVIII, I’m offended by the Yoda comment, just kidding :). If you grew up reading the RSV like I did you would love the ESV. There is a poetry to the RSV like the KJV but far more readable. That has carried over to the ESV.

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  4. I appreciate it your comment. The ESV is an excellent translation. It’s just some of its reading can sound weird. I don’t remember from the top of my head but if I find one, I will let you know.


  5. I found one. It’s not the Yoda talk that I was talking about, but this one got me to take a double take. I had to read it multiple times. It was confusing at first. I will show it in the ESV first and compare it to the NASB 2020.

    …No, my daughters, for it is exceedingly bitter to me for your sake that the hand of the Lord has gone out against me.” -Ruth 1:13 (b) ESV

    What makes it confusing or a little difficult to grasp is the phrase “exceedingly bitter to me for your sake”

    It seems like it is saying that God chose to make Naomi’s life worse because of the two widows. I know it’s not saying that but I had to read it more than once, comparing it with other translations.

    In the NASB 2020, it is much easier to understand. Read below.

    …No, my daughters; for it is much more bitter for me than for you, because the hand of the Lord has come out against me.” -Ruth 1:13 (b) NASB 2020

    Here, it makes a lot more sense. Naomi is saying that losing her sons broke her heart more than their wives. A mother will suffer more as she bore them and raised them. The widows can easily get comfort by remarrying.

    That’s one that I found or remembered. If I find another one, I’ll let you know.


  6. I do see what you’re saying but…
    I think Naomi in the ESV is saying she feels bad for her daughter in laws, because the Lord’s hand is against her, vs the NASB 2020 that is making a comparison of who has the greater bitterness.

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  7. Thank you for your question. I like the CSB because it’s very accurate and it uses contemporary words, making the person understand the Scriptures much more better. And, at the same time, being true to the original manuscript.


  8. Thank you. I agree. I also like that they seem to have avoided grammatical nuisances like using “they” as a singular pronoun. I also find their translation notes very complete. The NKJV has its pluses but I have doubts about its textual basis in the NT. In any case, many thanks!

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  9. No problem. I do appreciate your visit and comments. The NKJV is a very good translation, one that sticks very close to its manuscript (MT). At times, it is kind of hard to get the meaning of a passage.


  10. That is an excellent question. I say that the NASB 2020 is about 90% understandable. I have read it for a few months, and I only got stuck a few times where I had to look up the verses in another translation to get a clearer understanding.

    Now, the CSB is about 100% understandable, meaning you can read through it without having to stop to check out another translation to get a better understanding.

    So, to answer your question. I prefer the CSB over the NASB 2020 for its readability. But, I rather have the new NASB 2020 over the NASB 95, NKJV, KJV, ESV, MEV, etc.


  11. I’ve followed this conversation with great interest, and share so many ideas expressed. I was saved back when there was only the KJV, RV & RSV, & chose the RSV. After a few years with the NIV I was delighted when the ESV appeared, & have preached from it & used it exclusively since, also using the NLT for ‘light reading’. My main problem with the ESV was the somewhat ungainly sentences (already mentioned) & the over-use of the definite article for abstract nouns (unnecessary in English). Recently, however, I’ve taken advantage of lockdowns to immerse myself in the CSB (preferable by far to the NIV), and have just discovered the amazing 2020 NASB. After 60 years, the translators have finally come up with a thoroughly readable version, & I applaud it!

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  12. Hello Theo, excellent comment. I appreciate the history of your favorite Bible translations.

    The NASB 2020 spoke to my heart, personally, many times. One that I could remember is in the book of Job. I would like to share that with you.

    3 Behold, you have taught many, And you have strengthened weak hands.
    4 Your words have helped the stumbling to stand, And you have strengthened feeble knees.
    5 But now it comes to you, and you are impatient; It touches you, and you are horrified.
    6 Is your fear of God not your confidence,
    And the integrity of your ways your hope? -Job 4:3-6 (NASB 2020)

    Look how clear those verses are, and they spoke to me directly when I was spiritually down. Here I am helping others spiritually, but then I when I get hit, I forget everything I taught my friend about endurance. How can I tell others to hold on to their faith and I’m not? Those verses cut through deep into my heart.

    The NASB 2020 will always have a place in my heart.

    Right now, I have the Berean Study Bible, which you can check out at It is a site where you can study the Greek and Hebrew and compare verses with many Bible versions.

    Recently, They put their translation in print. I bought one, and I’m reading it through. Here is a link to my Bible review:


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