Examine Your Life To Make Sure You Are Right With The LORD

Let us examine and test our ways, and turn back to the LORD.

Lamentations 3:40

God gave me an illustration with the tires of my car and I would like to share this as it is important for all believers in Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago, I felt my car shaky from the back due to the tires. I knew that one of the tires had a bubble in it. When the shaking got worse two days ago, I took it to the tire place. The moment the guy looked at it, he knew that it had a bubble. The tire that he saw with the bubble was from the passenger side to the back. When the tire was removed, I saw how bad it really was. The two ends of the tire had two big bubbles and the middle was sunken.

While the mechanic was in the process of changing the tire, taking out the bad one from the rim to put the good one in, I was outside with my car waiting for him. The Spirit prompted me to feel the other tire to the left of the back of my car, so I put my finger in the outside groove. I started from the bottom going up and noticed that my finger at the top didn’t feel the groove as pronounced as the bottom. Again, I felt a prompting to take out my phone and turn on the flash light and inspect the tire inside. Once I did that, to my horror, I saw the steel cords exposed as a chunk of my tire was gone. I knew that I had to change that one also. God revealed to me the other one that I couldn’t see.

To make things worse, after getting the new tires, I went to the store to get something to eat and when I got back to the house, I felt that I had to inspect the tire to the left. To my surprise, I heard the noise of air escaping the tire that was just newly replaced. I knew that it had a hole in it. I immediately took it back to the mechanic to get it fixed.

While I was waiting for the tire, God spoke to me. He told me, the moment you have a problem, you have to bring it to Me and get it fixed before it gets worse. If we are in sin or going through a difficult situation, we have to seek the Lord immediately to acquire His strength to overcome it.

The car represents people and the parts on the car is what makes it move so we have to always be inspecting our lives to see how we are doing spiritually. The inspection sheet to check ourselves with is the Word of God. The tires of the car represents our progress, what makes us go forward. Satan will try to stop you from doing God’s will by putting obstacles like spikes on your path. If we are in the Word, we will be able to spot them to take them out of the way and continue forward.


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