Hello Everyone,

This post are for my readers—those who follow me, and for those who are ghost readers. As most of you are aware that the left—the big techs, including WordPress, are censoring folks who lean conservative, which includes Christians. They are deplatforming a lot people who supported the President and who are against the leftist agenda.

Right now, they are banning sites that have big views (visitors), but sooner or later, the Christian sites will be next. We are witnessing, ladies and gentleman, a systematic demonic attack to stop the preaching of the gospel through free speech. There is a spiritual warfare happening right now, to stop at all cost, the Christians from reaching people for Jesus Christ.

The moment they declared the “victor”, all hell broke lose on free speech. Now you know why I voted for Trump. Satan is behind this administration, there is no question in my mind.

I had to immediately back up all of my posts. I will still continue to post to fight the good fight of the faith. I don’t know how long we Christians have to post on this platform.

With how things are going, we might have a year or less on this platform until they will ban all conservatives.

May the Lord Jesus Christ come quickly.