God’s Word Is Like Fire

The power of God’s Word consumes lies as fire does wood and as a hammer, the Scripture breaks through anything, destroying whatever is in its path. The Word of God is unstoppable.

The context of Jeremiah 23:13-40, shows that the false prophets were speaking in the name of the Lord even though the Lord did not send them. They were lying and deceiving God’s people through their false dreams and were also prophesying in the name of Baal (Verse13) leading Israel the wrong way spiritually.

Whoever goes against God’s Word will lose. The Word of God exposes what’s in the heart and reveals one’s falsehood.

The Scriptures purify the soul, giving us faith to receive salvation through Christ. Satan hates the Scriptures and will do anything to take you away from it. That is where you get your spiritual food and where you get the knowledge knowing what is truthful to what is false, keeping you from falling into false doctrine.