Squirrel Week: David Faces Goliath

Squirrels: They are small creatures that live on trees.

41 The Philistine came closer and closer to David, with the shield-bearer in front of him. 42 When the Philistine looked and saw David, he despised him because he was just a youth, healthy and handsome.

1 Samuel 17:41-42 HCSB

David vs Goliath

Goliath’s size: “Then a champion named Goliath, from Gath, came out from the Philistine camp. He was nine feet, nine inches tall” -1 Samuel 17:4

David’s size: The Scripture doesn’t specifically tell us how tall David was, but it does give us a clue. In 1 Samuel 9:2, it says, “He had a son named Saul, an impressive young man. There was no one more impressive among the Israelites than he. He stood a head taller than anyone else.” We see that Saul surpassed everyone else in height. It is fair to say that Saul was over 6 1/2 feet tall. David, in 1 Samuel 17:38-39, put on Saul’s military clothes. To wear his clothes, David had to be close to Saul’s height. We can conclude that David was tall, not like Saul but close. It still pales in comparison to Goliath’s height.

The Israelites were full of fear because of the height of Goliath and his military experience. How can one man make a whole army fearful? When you are not walking in the ways of the Lord, His strength will not be given to you. In 1 Samuel 16:1, God had rejected Saul as being king. He did this because Saul didn’t obey the word of the Lord but rebelled.

David, on the other hand, was full of confidence. He remembered how God brought victory to him when he was in a difficult situation. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he defeated a lion and a bear (1 Samuel 17:34-36).

It doesn’t matter the type of Goliath we may face. If we come with strong confidence in the Lord, not forgetting who He is and what He can do, we won’t lose heart.

David is a good example for us to follow. Look how small David was when compared to Goliath. And still, he didn’t give a hint of fear. He confronted the giant as if he already won the battle.