The Lord Will Keep You From Stumbling And Falling Away

Now to Him who is able to protect you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory, blameless and with great joy

Jude 1:24 HCSB

The word “stumbling” means that a person who professes to follow Jesus stumbles and falls, keeping the person from doing God’s will. In other words, it halts the individual from continuing to obey the Scriptures. All Christians without exception stumble at times and then get back up with the power of the Holy Spirit. But in this passage, the word is much stronger. It suggests that one can permanently fall away from the truth. That is what the Lord keeps from happening to those who have the Holy Spirit.

A Christian’s security is not based on their strength, but it is based on Jesus’ strength. He will keep you “standing,” which means that Jesus will keep you from leaving Him permanently. He does this by convicting you of sin so that when you fall into it, you will repent.

The Holy Spirit is our anchor who keeps us secure in Christ. Some enjoy Jesus and the Bible but haven’t yet, for whatever reason, committed themselves to Jesus Christ. These are the ones who are in danger of apostatizing, abandoning their faith in Jesus Christ.

The word “blameless” means to be guiltless or innocent in the presence of God. That is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ. Two things happen when we believe in Jesus. We give Jesus our sins, and He gives us His righteousness, which means that God the Father will see us like if we lived Jesus’s life on earth. 

The blood of Christ covers us from death, having God’s wrath from being poured out upon us. We deserve punishment for our sins, so what Jesus did was that He took our sins and received God’s wrath on the cross. The only way to receive forgiveness of sins is to accept what Jesus did for you and desire to live for Him.