The Enemy Is Like A Spider

They hatch the eggs of vipers and weave a spider’s web. Whoever eats their eggs will die; crack one open, and a viper is hatched.

Isaiah 59:5

The Scriptures uses dangerous and poisonous animals to illustrate the true nature of demons who influence evil people to disrupt God’s plans. They attack churches, Christians, and the Bible, trying to oppose God by any means necessary.

The enemy, through evil people, will burn churches, physically attack Christians in some countries, but in others, they will send false teachers to mislead the believers into error. But the biggest obstacle Satan has is the Word of God. The Scriptures is where all believers get their spiritual strength from, and without it, their faith will weaken severely. So, you will even see some Christians, who are being misled, attack the very Book (the Bible) that they claim to live by.

Becoming a companion with an evil person is like allowing yourself to get bitten by a venomous spider because that type of person will put your life in danger. A person that immerses himself in sin builds a wall between himself and God. Their prayers will not reach the throne of God. The Lord will give a deaf ear to their cry.

But your iniquities have built barriers between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He does not hear. -Isaiah 59:2

Stay away from them, but rather befriend those who are like-minded, loving the things of God.


2 thoughts on “The Enemy Is Like A Spider

  1. The enemy is like a spider, and a cunning one at that. I remember a close brother in Christ whom it transpired had serious secret sins which became exposed, which caused serious fallout amongst the brethren. On reflection I became sure of satan’s handin that issue.

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