Verse By Verse Through Revelation Is Being Updated

Hello Everyone,

For those who have been enjoying my Verse By Verse Through the Book of Revelation pdf, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have started updating it with a new Bible translation.

The Verse By Verse Through Revelation PDF is not available at the moment. It is in the process of being updated with minor changes to the commentary. And I’m also changing the Bible translation into the American Standard Version, which is in the public domain. The American Standard Version can be distributed without written permission. My hope for the Verse By Verse Through Revelation pdf is that it gets printed and shared with many people for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. 

There are many Christians who think that the Book of Revelation is all symbolic. But in reality, the Book of Revelation is literal, with symbolism that illustrates a literal meaning behind it. The first prophecy of Jesus’ coming was literal, so also is His second coming.

The danger of believing in an allegorical interpretation of the Book of Revelation is that one can teach others an erroneous meaning that would cause them to be inclined to receive the mark of the beast if they perceive it as not literal.

Update: You can now purchase a copy of the “Verse By Verse Through Revelation” and other books by clicking on this link: Bookstore