The Verse By Verse Through Revelation Has Been made Into A Book

Hello Everyone,

The reason I haven’t been posting as much as before is that I have been working on updating my commentary on the Verse By Verse Through Revelation. It took me quite some time.

I have some great news since I’m done. The Verse By Verse Through Revelation was made into a paperback book. It has a couple of pictures, and the commentary was revised in several places. I have also changed the Bible translation into the American Standard Version since it is in the public domain.

I will do a video review and will post it on my YouTube channel, linking it to my blog so that you guys can see how it looks like inside.

Below you can review some samples.

The Front Cover—The Back Cover

Verse By Verse Through Revelation Excerpt PDF

Click on the link: Take a look inside

To purchase the book click Bookstore