The Commentary On The Book Of Revelation Has Been Completed

All changes regarding the commentary and the Bible translation has been completed. In some places, there were minor changes, but in other places, I deleted the old commentary and did a new one. The Chapters are in RED to make it easier for the eyes to distinguish between the Chapters and verses.

I hope and pray that it will bless those who choose to get one by making them grow in their faith.

Click HERE to see a sample of the final copy.

To purchase the book click Bookstore


7 thoughts on “The Commentary On The Book Of Revelation Has Been Completed

  1. Yes. I am sure it will reach the person or persons God prepared it for. A team effort between you and God. You keep faith that the end result will be available for God’s use.

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  2. Sometimes we writers get discouraged when we look for numbers to show our success. Not numbers to look for. Trust for your seed to be planted in the fallow fields in which they grow. God controls that. Blessings.

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  3. You are correct. If we put in our minds that we are writing for the Lord and He is the one that will direct the person that needs to read it, it will boost our faith to press onward.

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