America Under Judgment

17 The wicked will return to Sheol—all the nations who forget God.

Psalm 9:17 BSB

Psalm 9:17 simply means a nation who forgets God becomes wicked and goes to the grave—is destroyed.

The word “wicked” means those who live without God and whose morals come from the world. Whatever the world deems to be good or what’s immoral, that will be his standard. Remember, the world does not have God, so the good that it has is really evil.

When the wicked takes control of a country, everything good will get demolished. Look and see how disastrous the President of the United States has become. Not only is he destroying his own country but allowed the Taliban to take control so that they can continue to murder innocent Afghans, US allies, and Christians. To make things worse, the POTUS has left hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, which the Taliban are now hunting down to kill them.

I wonder what the Christians think, those who voted for this President, are they happy with how things are turning out? The US is getting weaker while the communist and Islamic countries are getting stronger. When misguided people vote for a weak and godless POTUS, all you will get is an emboldened adversary. Do you think that God will bless America? How in the world will God bless a country that is against Israel?

I am convinced that the Christians who voted for this President have sinned greatly in the sight of the Lord. I believe that voting for evil to rule exposes what’s truly in the heart. America is under judgment for the sins it’s promoting. All we can do now is preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring people from death to life. Folks, Jesus is coming soon. Wickedness is on the rise, and many Christians, who are all over the world, are being attacked.

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