I Had A Dream That America’s East Coast Was Wiped Out

I had this dream on 9/16/2021. In my dream, I saw Kim Jong Un wanted to know about the End Times. Then, I heard someone say that the whole east coast of the United States got destroyed.

The Dream Showed Me Through A Computer Simulator, How the East Coast Started To Get Destroyed

The dream switched to a computer simulator showing a big military helicopter having two big propellers. It seemed it was close to the United States, hovering in the air, waiting for something to happen.

The dream showed me another plane, and this one was a jet carrying a devastating missile. The jet plane headed to New York City. It was coming from the direction of the pacific northwest, flying through the coastline of California.

The jet plane got detected by the United States, the military base in California started shooting many missiles at it to bring it down. The jet seemed to be a special one because it managed to maneuver in such a way that all the rockets fired at it missed.

The enemy jet reached its target—New York City—shot the missile it was carrying and hit one part of the City. The dream didn’t show me which part of New York it hit. In the simulator, it showed me all the buildings falling to the ground, and then a number popped up, showing me how many people died in that on strike, which was 7.4—not sure if it’s referring to millions or thousands.

Now, while America was under attack—starting in New York City, It showed me people in other parts of the city partying, clubbing—doing the nightlife. They were unaware that their city was under attack. Part of the city was in chaos, while the other part, the people, were oblivious to the destruction happening.