Hello Everyone,

I have noticed that none of my posts show up any longer on any tags that I have assigned to them. I have been shadowbanned. Apparently, the devil doesn’t like what I am posting. The reason why I know I have been shadowbanned is because after posting, I went to the multiple tags that it was assigned to, and not only did that post didn’t show up, I no longer see my other ones as well.

If you look for me under the tags like “Christian,” “The Bible,” and any other, you will not see Spiritualminefield at all. I have been completely taken out. My blog is dedicated to exalting Jesus Christ, exposing false teachers for the benefit of the body of Christ, giving insight, and encouraging those who haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus to do so by seeking Him for their salvation. 

I don’t know if WordPress didn’t like when I spoke about the vax or if an atheist or a false Christian complained about my site. No matter how it was done, the fact is that it’s demonic, and I know I’m not the only one who has been shadowbanned. Many Christians who are faithful to God’s Word are under extreme attack from the enemy.

It’s unfortunate that the platform finds it necessary to put a cap on my reach because my heart’s desire is to reach people for Christ, especially with the time we are living.

Stay vigilant in the spiritual fight for Christ, for in due time, Jesus will reward those who have stayed the course of righteousness through the Word of God.

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3 thoughts on “Shadowbanned

  1. Yes, there’s been a concerted effort by the ‘powers that be’ to cancel anyone promoting Christianity and even Islam.
    A few years ago on YouTube, a video exposed how authorities cracked down on Bible studies in the privacy of peoples own homes, it got no traction in the lamestream media but there’s a ton on Bitchute of investigative journalism and Christian related stuff from people like Alex Jones, Brother Nathaniel to Project Veritas, all facing some sort of censorship and in Project Veritas’ case, even dawn-raids.
    Check out

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