The Story of The Ewees And The Evil Dorgons: An Introduction

Who are the Ewees? They are people who love the Lord and strive to build themselves in the knowledge of the Lord to combat the evil Dorgons. The Ewees live in a city called Aletheia (city of Truth), surrounded by a thick wall to protect them from their enemy. In Aletheia, an elite class of soldiers called the Watchers are placed on the top of the wall, looking for any signs of an approaching enemy. These Watchers have excellent eyesight even at nighttime. They make it very difficult for the Dorgons to send an elite group to try and climb over the wall and open the gate from the inside.

The Dorgons are a class of demons that specialize in hand-to-hand combat using axes, swords, clubs with spikes, and chain whips.

King Aleween is a wise king who understands that he must be vigilant against his enemy—the evil Dorgons—who are always looking for a part of the wall that has become compromised to attack. There are one million Dorgons over two hundred and fifty thousand Ewees.

The mission of the evil Dorgons is to search and destroy all Ewees without exception. These battles are for survival. Training for the Ewees is vital, as it will keep them in tip-top shape and ready when war breaks out. The Ewees are very proficient with the sword, unmatched by anyone. For a Dorgon to face an Ewee head-on is suicide for the evil Dorgon. The Dorgons, to have any chance of defeating his enemy, either must catch him off-guard or overwhelm his opponent with numbers.

The reason why the Ewees are very good swordsmen is due to their knowledge of God’s Word. The more they read, the better they become, and the more punishment they bring upon the evil Dorgons in battle.

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