Answering The Objections To The Pre-Trib Position

Some Christians believe that we will go through the Great Tribulation, however, the Scriptures say that we are not. The question becomes, are we going to handle the Word of God correctly or be careless with it? In this video, I will answer the verses that seem to suggest a post-trib. (To watch the video click YouTube or Rumble)


2 thoughts on “Answering The Objections To The Pre-Trib Position

  1. Thank you for your comment.

    I have done a deep study on the topic, asking the Lord which one was biblical. I didn’t want to teach people something that wasn’t true. Because I know that when I meet Jesus, I will have to give an account with everything I did and taught in His name. To me personally, I take it very serious in teaching the truth of God’s Word.

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