Testimony: God Provides

crazy bread

Every Friday is an exciting one because it is pizza night. Friday after work I take a drive to Little Caesars and order two, 5 meat feast, take it home and as a family devour it…lol 

Today, when I went to get the pizza, God revealed Himself to me in such a way that it was undeniable. You see, I never order crazy bread but today, after ordering the two pizzas I sat down which the wait was to be 12 minutes or so. While I was waiting, in my mind I was contemplating if I should order the crazy bread. For whatever reason, I had a desire for the bread so for about 2 minutes I was debating if I should ask the guy to toss in a bag of that yummy crazy bread and pay an extra $3.50. Back and forth I went, talking to myself until I just gave up and forgot about it.

Meanwhile, a guy comes in to buy a pizza but the little caesars credit card machine freezes up on him after he inserted his card and doesn’t allow him to purchase one. The customer started to stare at the person behind the counter as if seeking for a solution but the Caesars’ employee said, “there’s nothing I can do to help you, do you have another means of purchasing it? The customer replied, “no” the little caesars’ employee replied, “is not like I can give you free food, I need money, sorry man, can’t help you” 

Finally, my pizza was ready but the guy behind the counter after he grabs my two pizzas, he goes and gets a bag of crazy bread and puts it on the top of the two pizza boxes. I said to myself, this guy just made a mistake because I did not order any crazy bread, even though I wanted it, I was tempted to say nothing and get something for free but I knew that it was a sin so, that was a no-brainer decision. Of course, I wasn’t going to take it, when he called me I immediately said, “I didn’t order that, while I was still talking he interrupted me and said, “I know you didn’t order it, I just wanted to give it to you.” 

He just finished telling a customer that he cannot give free food and here he is giving me free food.

That was AMAZING, I desired it in my heart and was debating if I should get it. The Lord knows that I really wanted it and through that man, the Lord not only gave it to me but said, “I wanted to give it to you”  How awesome is that. I have never experienced something like this before where I wanted something and a person almost right away gives it to me for no apparent reason, almost like if he heard my mind but I know that God heard my mind and gave it to me because He is good. 

I know this testimony is not grand but God cares even in the smallest parts of our lives. To me, this was BIG because God showed up and that’s what matters to me.


Testimony: God Must Come First

time flying away

Yesterday, my wife had the car and she texted me that after work, she would pick me up so that we would go to Lowe’s for some bricks. My wife loves planting sunflowers and other plants. She wanted the bricks to designate a section for the flowers.

We first went to Walmart and right across was Lowe’s. After those two stores, we headed to another Walmart to look at some portable air conditioners. Meanwhile, time flew so fast that I did not notice, it was already 7:00 pm. When we got home, let me backtrack – at Lowe’s I bought a utility knife for the warehouse with the company’s credit card. When I arrived at the house I noticed that my knife was nowhere in sight until the harsh reality dawned on me that I had left it at a cart in Lowe’s. I got so angry because I had already killed two hours of my time to relax at home and now I had to travel again all the way back to Lowe’s hoping that the customer service somehow had it. I went to Lowe’s customer service and retrieved the knife with no problem since someone found it and gave it to them, but while I was driving to get the knife, I was talking to the Lord and asking Him, “Lord, what are you trying to tell me by making me go all the way back to Lowe’s again?”

I don’t believe that things happen just to happen but everything has a purpose. While I was taking the cart back to the store (Lowe’s) for some reason I couldn’t see the utility knife staring at me and telling me, “Don’t forget me, man.”…Lol. How in the world did I not see it?

Well, God showed me something. He showed me that I was robbing Him of our time together so to get my attention, I was robbed out of my time of relaxation, revealing to me that He comes first, not second, when I come home. You see, when I come home, I eat and then go to my computer or phone, not God and that is what He was trying to show me.

Today, I guarantee you that God will be first and he should always be first because all that we have from our family to material blessings come from Him so how can I put Him last? I think about it and all I could do is scratch my head and amazement of my stupidity.

Anyway, just wanted to share a quick testimony of what happened to me yesterday. God bless and Jesus first.

My Personal Testimony: Proof That Prayer Does Work

I would like to share a testimony that Jesus does answer prayers. This happened today around 9 in the morning at work.

I had to take out a metal piece from each one and replace it with a kit. 


I did 13 of the Pedestals without any problems but this morning when I grabbed the remaining 6, the first one out of the 6, the bolt nut felt hard to take out.


I started to put strength on the wrench until the threads on the bolt got stripped. It just started to spin in the hole and it did not want to come out.


I tried hitting it with a flat screwdriver and hammer but nothing. It just kept spinning. For more than 30 minutes, close to an hour, it would not budge at all. It seemed at one point like it was coming out but it just fell right back to its position spinning freely like the beginning. That’s when I said to myself, “what am I going to do?”. “There is no way this bolt will come out.” I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ to please get this bolt out but nothing happened, it just kept spinning in the hole. So, I went to YouTube to see if I could find a video showing what to do when that happens but the only videos that they had were the head of the bolt stripped and not the threads. I didn’t see any because I just typed stripped bolt and not thread but God didn’t want me to find it on YouTube. I spoke to myself and said, “I will go next door to the mechanics for them to help me.” But I said to the Lord, “I don’t want to bother them Lord, please You help me Lord so that the glory goes to You instead of them.”

I tried again going slow which I did before, doing it fast and slow. This time after I prayed to the Lord, it seemed like if the bolt was going up so I decided to stop to take a look. When I lifted up the wrench to take it out of the bolt to look at it, it just pooped out. The bolt literally jumped out of the hole that it was in. I couldn’t believe it. After crying out to the Lord, and asking Him to please help, to give Him the thanks, it jumped out. AMAZING. This is what it looks like.


I thank you Lord Jesus for your awesomeness and for hearing my prayers for help, even though it was small but for You, nothing is too small of a prayer, in Jesus name Amen.

I would like to encourage ALL believers in Jesus Christ that He listens to all of your prayers and will answer them when He knows it’s the right time so don’t give up and give Him the glory.