Fundamentalism: Holding On To The Word Of God


What is Biblical fundamentalism?

It is the fundamentals or core teachings of the Christian faith which is solely found in Holy Scripture. Without it, you will not be in the truth (in Christ) but will be led astray.

2 Timothy 3:12-17 (emphasis added)

12 Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, (Satan will send his students like atheists, agnostics, those in the new age religion, humanists, to attack the Word of God and try to steer God’s people away from the truth) 13 while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (Those who are trying to take you away from God’s Word are pure evil who themselves have been misled, being guided by demonic entities in the spiritual realm, Ephensians 6:10-18). 14 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it 15 and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus (We must stay the course, trusting in God’s Word and living a life of transformation by it, for the glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ). 16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work (Why is the Bible attacked continuously? Because it came directly from God and all that is evil will without exception loathe it. Satan’s envoys are trying to destroy that which is eternal because it has the power to bring salvation through faith in Christ to the reader).

Titus 1:9

He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.


  • Trustworthy
  • Sound Doctrine (teachings)

The Bible can be trusted 100% of the time. It is trustworthy because it will never lead you astray but will always guide you into God’s truth and righteousness.

Without sound doctrine, you cannot know the real God. It will teach you the nature and character of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will only use Scripture to bring you into a personal relationship with the Son of God, Christ Jesus. Any other type of literature that claims to bring you enlightenment (false truth) will actually bring you into deeper darkness.

Isaiah 8:20

Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. 

All those opposed to God’s Word are without light but remain in darkness. That is not enough for them to choose to be blind but they go out and try to deceive more souls to be like them, heaping upon themselves more condemnation. 


2 John 1:9

Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.

Those who are hostile to sound teachings found in Scripture are devoid of God. Anyone who follows them will end up in Hell where the fire does not end causing the individual to weep and gnash their teeth in unimaginable pain because they despised and rejected the truth of God’s Word. 



God Gets Angry When We Don’t Speak The Truth About Him

job prays for his friends

Job 42:7-8

7 After the Lord had said these things to Job, he said to Eliphaz the Temanite, “I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has. 8 So now take seven bulls and seven rams and go to my servant Job and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves. My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly. You have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has.”

Keywords: Angry, folly

Angry: To burn or be kindled with anger. Strong’s 2734

Folly: Senselessness, disgraceful. Strong’s 5039

Questions to have in mind before interpreting the Scriptures.

  1. What do you really know about Jesus?
  2. Are you tainted with someone else’s understanding of God?
  3. Do you know that a contradiction only occurs when one disagrees with what the Bible plainly says? Are you contradicting what the Bible says about a particular teaching for the one that you prefer?

Free yourself from any stumbling block that will keep you from interpreting the Bible correctly.

Below are two examples of a folly trying to explain the Scripture:

John 10:28 I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

Explanation: Well, Jesus doesn’t really mean that you cannot lose your salvation because in other passages I feel that it is saying you can so John 10:28 must be reinterpreted. 

John 1:1;14, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Verse 14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Explanation: Well, God wasn’t really talking to Jesus (the Word) but was thinking about Him. I know it says that the Word was with God and was God but it just means that Jesus was with God in thought. How can Jesus be God? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. So since that doesn’t make any sense, I think it is best to believe in what I just explained.

Do you see how a person can contradict what the Bible plainly says and lie about who Jesus is?

When we don’t tell the truth about who Jesus is and what He said, God burns with anger and we become a disgrace, unfit or useless for planting God’s Word in people’s heart.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding when reading the Scriptures and just let it tell you what it is saying. The Bible is not a code book to decipher but it is understood through God’s Spirit. The Scripture is very plain, meaning simple. We are the ones that make it complicated. That happens when we are trying to read it through someone else’s lens and not through the lens of the Holy Spirit’s.

For We Do Not Live On Bread Alone

Bon Appetit

Matthew 4:4

But He answered, “It is written: Man must not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

The Bible is very special because without it no Christian can grow into a mature man of God, have the armor of God on and be strong enough to defeat the devil. We eat food because our bodies need the nourishment that food provides well, in the same way the word of God gives nourishment to our spirit and strengthens our faith in Christ so that we might live a life that pleases Him and have the strength to fight against the demonic deception. The word of God acts like a filter that the more you read the Bible the better your filter gets. The filter works like this: imagine someone comes to your door and want’s to share with you their “holy book” (The Book of Mormon, The Watchtower Magazine, The Qur’an) or even if they bring a Bible. How do you know that what they are saying is false doctrine or if from the Bible, interpreted correctly? If you know the Scriptures very well than anything that contradicts the Scripture you will pick up on it, having no affect on you whatsoever. Like a filter that doesn’t let anything through that would harm your body so in the same way your spiritual filter will keep false doctrine from taking root in your heart.