Let’s praise the Lord with our hearts lifted up to heaven

praise the lord1

Psalms 34:3

Magnify the Lord with me. Let us praise his name together.

Lord, may You alone be glorified because of Your faithful love towards those who love You and for dying in our place. Jesus, how great and awesome are Your deeds O Lord, Your knowledge and wisdom are beyond our understanding…for You O Lord created the heavens and the earth with Your Word. Who can get in Your way or thwart your sovereign decrees…no one, for You are mighty in power and You accomplish Your will because You alone are the Almighty God. You are full of light and righteousness and there is no darkness in You but love, mercy, and compassion are found in You.

Those in trouble who cry out to You by seeking Your face will be found by You, for You Lord Jesus will rescue them from sinking into the miry depths of their troubles. You, Lord Jesus, deserve all worship and no other because You alone are God and the others are so-called gods but really not gods at all but man-made gods that can’t hear, speak, see and walk because they are nothing. But, You O Lord are the true living God, not only the angels in heaven but those on earth who are Yours Lord will praise Your Name because Your Name is Wonderful. Thank You, Lord, as we praise You today, for we know that You will never abandon us because You are a great, faithful and awesome God. Jesus we love and honor You by doing Your will because You created us, sustain us and saved us…in Jesus’ name I say these things Amen.

Regardless of what we are going through we must hold on to His promises so that even in our troubles and tribulations Jesus may be praised and glorified so that our faith may be strengthened and grow so that His will may be accomplished in our lives.

Praise Be To The Lord Jesus Christ For He Is Good

Beautiful sunset

Lord, I lift up my hands to You in prayer to honor Your name.

How great are Your ways, Lord, You even take notice of me when I seek Your face. All that You do is right and good to those who seek You.

I praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your death and resurrection. You washed me clean by Your blood [death on the cross] and forgave all of my sins against You O Lord.

Even in my darkest hour, You are my light which shows me the path to take. You provide and sustain me O Lord my God, with the things I need to survive in this world and with faith for things in the spiritual world.

When I feel tired or angry my faith in You does not fail, how can it, for I remember all that You have done for me. My soul hungers for You O Lord, even if I walk away from You, my soul clings [remembers] to what You have done for me.

Your salvation, rescues, provisions, Your love, and knowing that You are coming back to take me so that I could be where You are at.

I would like to thank You my Lord Jesus for everything You have and will continue to do in my life. I also, thank You for the Holy Spirit who guides me, instructs me, convicts me of sin, and reveals to me Your will. May my love for You, Jesus, continues to grow and get even stronger.

Use me to encourage those who don’t know You yet, to give their lives to You, Lord. I praise You today, in Jesus name.