The Narrow Gate: What Does It Take To Enter It?

What will you be willing to give up for Jesus Christ? Is this world more important to you than the Lord? (To watch the video click on YouTube or Rumble)


How Many People Will Make It To Heaven?


Matthew 7:13-14 [Emphasis added]

13 “Enter through [Jesus] the narrow gate. For the gate [of Hell] is wide and the road broad that leads to [eternal] destruction, and there are many [who reject Jesus Christwho go through it. 14 How narrow [because it is through one man, Jesus Christ] is the gate [of salvation] and difficult the road [which is a struggle to leave one’s sinful lifestyle behind] that leads to life [in Jesus Christ], and few find it.

What does [and few find it] looks like?

Luke 17:11-19

11 While traveling to Jerusalem, he passed between Samaria and Galilee. 12 As he entered a village, ten men with leprosy met him [10 men sought the Lord]. They stood at a distance 13 and raised their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” [They asked Jesus to rescue them]

14 When he saw them, he told them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And while they were going, they were cleansed.

15 But one of them, seeing that he was healed, returned and, with a loud voice, gave glory to God [After these men accepted God’s Word, only one truly believed because he was the only one that did the will of God, gave Him glory]. 16 He fell facedown at his feet, thanking him. And he was a Samaritan.

17 [Here, Jesus reveals that out of 10 people who professed Him as Savior, only 1 truly believed] Then Jesus said, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? 18 Didn’t any return to give glory to God except this foreigner?” 19 And he told him, “Get up and go on your way. Your faith has saved you.”

Sad to say the illustration above shows us that only 1 out of 10 will truly give their lives to Christ. Many will claim to follow Jesus but their lifestyle will never be different from that of the world. A person changes because the Holy Spirit takes root in their heart. Those who fall away [through apostasy] never had the Spirit of God moving in them. Either a person got saved or not, there is no falling away for a true convert because You are being guarded by God’s power through faith for a salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 Peter 1:5

Now you know what it means by only a few find it