According To Scripture, Can A Christian And The World Agree On Anything?

Last night I saw on YouTube an interview that Mr. President Trump had with David Muir from ABC News and the President said regarding Christian persecution and others as well that he wanted to help them according to the transcript below:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: When they’re shooting — when they’re chopping off the heads of our people and other people, when they’re chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a Christian in the Middle East, when ISIS is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since Medieval times, would I feel strongly about waterboarding?

As far as I’m concerned we have to fight fire with fire. Now, with that being said I’m going with General Mattis. I’m going with my secretary because I think Pompeo’s gonna be phenomenal. I’m gonna go with what they say. But I have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence. And I asked them the question, “Does it work? Does torture work?” And the answer was, “Yes, absolutely.”

DAVID MUIR: You’re now the president. Do you want waterboarding?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don’t want people to chop off the citizens or anybody’s heads in the Middle East. Okay? Because they’re Christian or Muslim or anything else. I don’t want — look, you are old enough to have seen a time that was much different. You never saw heads chopped off until a few years ago.

Now they chop ’em off and they put ’em on camera and they send ’em all over the world. So we have that and we’re not allowed to do anything. We’re not playing on an even field. I will say this, I will rely on Pompeo and Mattis and my group. And if they don’t wanna do, that’s fine. If they do wanna do, then I will work for that end.

I wanna do everything within the bounds of what you’re allowed to do legally. But do I feel it works? Absolutely I feel it works. Have I spoken to people at the top levels and people that have seen it work? I haven’t seen it work. But I think it works. Have I spoken to people that feel strongly about it? Absolutely.

There are Christians in WordPress that keep mouthing off on Mr. Donald J Trump on how bad he is and they give their excuse to what that is but as you can see above in the transcript, he wants to help Christians and anyone else who’s getting their heads chopped off. 

The world hates President Trump and in scripture it says in John 15:18-19 18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

I see the President as a “Christian by association” who sadly has more sense than people who claim to be Christians in WordPress who do not have the wisdom to discern evil from an even greater evil.

I have never seen in my life as a believer in Jesus Christ so much immaturity in the Christian community. The logic is if you hate the President, it means that you preferred Hillary Clinton as President, that’s logic at work. I have seen Christians mock the President even though the Bible says to pray for the leaders which He the Living God has appointed in that office, sad really. Some Christian posts or comments that I have read made me slap my forehead in amazement of their ignorance of scripture application to what’s happening today.

I would put President Trump as King Cyrus who God used to help His people from their enemies which Mr. Trump is doing but baby immature Christians cannot see past their house door in what God is doing with this President. If Hillary Clinton was President imagine how bad morally the United States would have been and she wouldn’t care to think twice of the Christians dying by the hands of ISIS in the Middle East.

It is obvious Christians who hate Trump are in cahoots with the world, who hate him as well. The question for baby Christians is, why does the world hate Trump so much? The answer is because God is using him in a bigger picture that sadly, baby Christians cannot discern. Before you mouth off your grievances about Trump which are very surface, ask yourself, Am I any better than this man? and why do I agree with the world in this regard?


James 4:4

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.


16 thoughts on “According To Scripture, Can A Christian And The World Agree On Anything?

  1. Amen. I suppose they’re content and happy in convincing themselves not picking between the 2 main choices, skipping voting or choosing a self-consolatory 3rd party, an excuse to say they voted but voted for one whom they know is not even going to make a difference goes to show that true wisdom is given from above.

    Now they’re whining because they have no choice but to give a man they judge ever so harshly respect. These people need to remember that God sees what men who judge Trump for his comments who are probably much worse with their lust than him and make themselves sound holy in the end after badmouthing the guy by saying, “We can only hope and pray for Trump…”

    Honestly, do people really think God is going to hear their prayer if they can’t even get past a wrong that has not even been done to them? SMH.

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  2. Great post. Been dying to express for awhile but my blog is becoming more political than I’d like. If only my dad were still alive… He’s to blame for my political tendencies… Lol.

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  3. Sigh… I’m not “intellectual” enough to adopt tulip and I believe in Eternal security based on the words of Jesus Christ so… they can argue all they want… My only hope is that both men who caused this division are actually in heaven.

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  4. At first, I was wondering what blogs you were following because I sure haven’t seen any anti-Trump sentiment on the Christian blogs I follow.

    “There’s even politics among believers today (Calvinism or Arminianism)”?? I’m not sure I agree that the discussion between those two doctrines is political. I would label it doctrinal differences.

    I do agree with you on the point that scripture teaches us to pray for those in authority and I do. I really like your analogy between the President and King Cyrus. Although, I can’t judge his heart, it does appear the President Trump is more sympathetic to Judaeo-Christian values.

    It amazes me that there was nowhere near the current mood in the country eight years ago when many thought we were doomed to rampant liberalism.

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  5. Sorry for the late reply, your comment for some strange reason went to my spam. There are blogs that you follow that the person had made negative comments about the President as though they wanted Hillary which I’m not going to name at this time.

    When I said politics towards Calvinism and Arminianism I was stating the obvious, One’s doctrine (understanding) debated over the other without being consistent over the whole counsel of God pertaining to that topic. I was using the word politics in the form of debate.

    I have seen lots of so-called Christians who didn’t want Trump to win which begs the question. If Trump wouldn’t have won then who do you think would have taken office.

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  6. I think Trump being pro-Christian and pro-Israel is important; I shrudder to think of Hillary with her pro-abortion, pro-LGBT anti-chruch agenda and also bad foreign policy and looking the other way of Christian persecution…

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  7. Amen. I enjoyed reading what I saw. I too am a blogger. I will be posting my blog soon so watch for that.
    Heather Kendall

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  8. This post is interesting. Although I have never seen any Christian blogs that have anti-Trump on it; there’s no denying that there was seemed to be a greater purpose for Donald Trump as our President than what we as people and Christians realized.

    I liked your statement, “The answer is because God is using him in a bigger picture that sadly, baby Christians cannot discern.”

    Because of the world’s view on Donald Trump as our President, Christians have also begun to be subtlety persuaded to think the way the world thinks and that is all because we Christians don’t understand the full picture due to our hearts. Along with that, Satan also knows the significance of God using Donald Trump as our President and uses the media as a catalyst through which it can change the perspective of Christians and keep God’s plan from moving forward.

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  9. Re-read the blog post. Still great as I remember. I recently read in the blog post of you saying, “I would put President Trump as King Cyrus who God used to help His people from their enemies”.

    I was confused by the analogy until I read Isaiah 45:1 where it says that God anoited Cyrus (King of Persia) whose hand He held.

    Thank you for clarifying the post.

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  10. Hello God’s Warrior, glad to see that I helped you. If there’s anything that I can do to help your walk with the Lord in the future don’t hesitate to ask.


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