Would You Take Something That Can Kill You?

19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 BSB

The context of the verses mentioned above is referring to immorality. But, can it also be applied to other things? Yes. Anything that you would allow to harm your body is a sin. For example: taking illegal drugs of any kind. How about taking an injection to prevent you from getting sick but knowing that the injection you are going to take has the potential to kill you. Would you still take it, and if you do, are you sinning against the Lord?

You have two ways to go about it.

  1. If you have any doubts, don’t do it.

But the one who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and everything that is not from faith is sin.

Romans 14:23 BSB

2. After you have prayed to the Lord for direction, wait patiently for it before you decide to take it.

Wait patiently for the LORD; be strong and courageous. Wait patiently for the LORD!

Psalm 27:14 BSB

We are living in a time where people are being pressured and manipulated to receive a substance into the body that hasn’t been properly tested with the time needed to make sure it’s safe.

The event that’s happening today worldwide is paving the way for the mark of the beast. Everyone in the future will be forced to put the mark (666) on their bodies or else face prison or death.

16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.

Revelation 13:16-18 BSB

Stay alert through God’s Word and prayer. Money is another element that motivates people to deceive others. And the closer we get to the return of Christ for the church, it will get much harder to detect.

11 thoughts on “Would You Take Something That Can Kill You?

  1. Great post, yes I definitely agree. By choosing to take the vaccine, you are harming your body but also basically becoming a lab rat of the government. The vaccine is experimental and unsafe though they say others, but they honestly don’t care. They are most definitely testing the mandate waters for when the Mark of the Beast comes.

    Sad to say that I’m the only one in my family most resistant to the vaccine, and it’s sickening as I try to warn them about what it could do, but them still being on the edge but leaning towards the vaccine. There’s not really much I can do in regards to them besides warning and prayer, which is the best thing I can do. My father has unfortunately sided with the vaccine and has gotten his first dose, but I can’t control his actions 🙁
    The other night I even had a dream about my family and I in regards to the vaccine; we were all standing in a circle but I was on the outskirts a bit separated, the rest of my fam had taken the vaccine but I didn’t. It’s scary and definitely left an impression after I woke up.

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  2. Great comment. I appreciate you telling me about your dream. Can you elaborate more on your dream that you had?


    You know that many people who have taken the vax have died. And, many others developed bell’s palsy, heart disease, and many other physical problems. This is what you call: population control.


  3. Yeah, I know, those side effects have major implications, and my fam knows that stuff like that have happened, and yet they’re willing to chance it. It’s quite angering really though I’ve warned them that death and bad side effects have come from the vaccine.

    And in regards to my dream, that one part was really the only thing that stuck with me, I don’t usually remember a lot of my dreams but that part of the dream I had the other night is engraved into my brain.

    My fam and I were all standing in a circle; my mother, my father, my sister, and two brothers, as well as myself. All family members were in relatively close distance from each other, apart from myself who was standing on the outskirts and farther away from the rest of my family members. My family and I were just talking about the vaccine while standing in that circle. All other members were quite calm about it except for me who was being more aggressive and calling out the vaccine and warning my fam; but to my dismay my family had already taken the vaccine and remained distant from me. That is where the dream ends, I just woke up after that.

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  4. It seems that the vax will cause some type of division within the families. If people, who know full well that the vax can be deadly and still take it for travel and for normalcy, That tells me and also gives me a glimpse on why so many people will take the mark of the beast.

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  5. Oh definitely, If there’s division now with the vaccine, that just goes to show how much more will be with The Mark of the Beast, It’s really sad, I find it especially scary for myself though, having that dream in regards to division to the vaccine within my own family. I pray the rapture happens soon. This society is SO BAD.

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  6. what if a non-Christian refuses to take the mark of the beast and gets killed? Does he go to hell?


  7. Spaniard VIII, do you think I’m a Satan worshipper and that I’m demonically possessed?

    Serious question. I’m not asking this to mock you


  8. I don’t know you to know if you are a Satan worshipper. You could be one or not, I don’t know.

    I answered over 70 comments of yours and I see that you are not here to know the truth but to spew out your false statements.

    This is how one can receive eternal life.

    Jesus died for your sins on the cross. On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave, showing that He is the Living God. By sin being dealt with and Jesus being punished for it, now forgiveness can be extended to you if you believe in Jesus Christ, and what He did for you on the cross.

    All you have to do is ask Jesus to save you today, believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and you shall be saved.

    Romans 10:9-10 BSB
    9 that if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with your heart you believe and are justified, and with your mouth you confess and are saved.


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