A Look Into The Spiritual realm And The Battles Christians Face

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for 21 days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me after I had been left there with the kings of Persia.

Daniel 10:13 HCSB

The phrase “the prince and kings of Persia” is in reference to fallen angels who have authority and great power. Their power is not in the sense of position but of physical power.

Daniel prayed to the Lord and even started to fast to get an answer. The moment Daniel got on his knees to ask the Lord for revelation, an angel was dispatched to go to Daniel. But while the angel was on his way, he was confronted by many demonic spirits to stop him from giving Daniel God’s message. This battle took place in the atmosphere.

For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. -Ephesians 6:12

Angels and demons are fighting to gain ground. For angels, it is getting God’s message to believers and aiding them from danger. And for the enemy, it is for stopping God’s angels from accomplishing God’s will.

Each Christian has an angel assigned to them (Matthew 18:10, Hebrews 1:14). A believer’s angel interaction with demons depends on your walk with the Lord. If you are living a life of obedience to God’s Word, then your angel is consistently in some type of battle with evil spirits, trying to stop them from getting to you. You see, demons are active in your life when you are doing God’s will. But, if you are walking in the flesh, they are less active.

When we pray, and it might seem to us like God is taking long to give us an answer—now you know why that might happen. God’s message might come by way of another brother, but he will come to be under demonic attack to prevent him from getting to you. He won’t understand why his life has taken a dive. Everything in his life is going wrong. Sometimes we get attacked by the enemy because of another brother’s prayer, and the Lord wants to use you to minister to him but, the enemy will try to prevent you from doing that.

Don’t give up in prayer and wait for the Lord. As believers, we are not alone in this spiritual battle. Angels who are God’s messengers are also in that battle. God’s work is so important that it makes the demonic hosts move into action to fight and try to keep us from fulfilling God’s will. God’s will should be our primary focus. 


7 thoughts on “A Look Into The Spiritual realm And The Battles Christians Face

  1. I have to admit I had a much longer comment to your post, but somehow it disappeared into the WP cloud I guess. I wish I could remember it, but of what I do remember is that taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ is a daily battle, and the joy of your post reminds me I’m not alone. Gods Angels all around us are battling the array of demonic forces just waiting to trip us up at some point, and in our weaker moments. Evil is ramping up but Gods Will is greater. Until next time SpaniardVIII. 🍃

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  2. You are so right brother, the battles we face with the enemies of God are very real every day. I can’t remember where I heard this but it stuck with me: a Christian once said to another “I don’t understand how you have all these battles with satan, I don’t have them,” to which their friend replied, “satan is not attacking you because you are not doing anything to worry him!”

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